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  • Extract Audio from Video

    Extract Audio from Video




    Extract Audio from your videos with this simple and intuitive application. ======= New ========= Added Audio Trim (Audio time section cut) functionality! After finishing the Extract audio, you can now trim your audio. ==================== * Extract as high quality mp3 audio files. * Free without...

  • Forgot My Phone Free

    Forgot My Phone Free




    Forgot your phone at home and you are at your office now? No problems !! Remotely install "Forgot My Phone" (see the video below), then, send the SMS activation text to your phone: ForgotMyPhone GMAIL_ADDRESS GMAIL_PASSWORD And you will immediately receive all your missed calls and...

  • Video Kit 2

    Video Kit 2




    Advanced Video Editing toolbox on your device. ====== * Version 10, Improved transcoding engine, around 50% performance improvement, muliticore support! ====== New! Video Merge Wizard: Merge any video type with the same resolution. Video Speed wizard. Using this wizard you will be able to fast...

  • Video Effects

    Video Effects




    Using Video Effects you can apply the below effects to your video. ===New=== Added support for Effect time selection, now you can apply the effect to a part of your video! ========= ===New=== Added manual curves file selection (manual mode), now you can apply any curve affect created by...

  • Video Compress

    Video Compress




    =========== We extend Google evaluation from 15 mins to 24 Hours. Need help? not satisfied? email us at android@netcompss.com and we will assist you. =========== === * Ver 3 : Significant performance gain for multicore devices (in some cases can reach 200% improvement). === * New Added...

  • Video Snapshot

    Video Snapshot




    Video Snaps is an application that extract snaps (snapshots / images / picture) from your videos. ===== New ======= Fast seek support, Using this, you will be able to extract pictures from long videos very fast. ================ * Support image type change (e.g jpg, bmp, png). * Added advanced...

  • EWSJ : Exchange EWS SDK

    EWSJ : Exchange EWS SDK




    ===================== This is a developers demo, its not intended for users ===================== This is an Android port of EWSJ (from www.javaexchangeconnector.com) EWSJ is the first Exchange EWS Java API, and probably one of the bests. Using this SDK you will be able to build Android...

  • Video rotate

    Video rotate




    === New === Version 3 includes Transcoding engine that improves performance around 40%. ========== Video rotate supports 2 types of video rotation 1. True Rotation, frame by frame native rotation. 2. Quick rotation that use the video header to set the rotation. True rotation (Frame by...

  • Video Kit

    Video Kit




    Video Editing toolbox on your device. === * New version 9, Improved transcoding engine, around 40% performance improvement! === More Video demos: Video Cut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtjiQXJWYb4 Quick Rotate:...

  • FFmpeg 4 Android

    FFmpeg 4 Android




    Add FFmpeg support to Your application with a few lines of Java code, no need for C! * Ver 8 is our most significant upgrade, its using FFmpeg 2.0 as its base, this will allow support for much more complex commands. ======================== Important notes ======================= * This app is...

  • Video Cut

    Video Cut




    VideoCut cut/trim section from your video, so you can easily share parts of your video with your friends and family, * New! Fast Seek support. Using this option (enabled by default), you will be able to Cut Very large Videos much faster then before, the price is that its a little less...

  • Email 2 Self

    Email 2 Self




    You can use Email2Self to send links, Texts, YouTube videos with one click to your Gmail (or any other email you prefer). After installation Email2Self will be added to your share menu, and you will be able to use it to send your text and links to yourself with one click!

  • eFilter - Email Filter

    eFilter - Email Filter




    Getting tons of emails? eFilter can Help, with few clicks you can setup filters on your from and subject. * Support Blacklists & Whitelists groups. * Supports partial filter match. * Support for regular expression filters. * Reliable email notifications, for Hotmail, Yahoo Mail Plus, AOL...

  • Video Sound Replace

    Video Sound Replace




    Video Sound / Audio replacement for Android devices. Using this app, you will be able to replace your video sound track. This app also supports sound track cut (time cut), so you will be able to select the audio track section you want to use in your video. After successful sound track...

  • Quick Video Rotate

    Quick Video Rotate




    Quick Video Rotation use the video header to set the rotation. It will work on Most MP4 and 3GP video file types. ============================================================ Please read the WARNING below BEFORE posting negative reviews....

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