JYC Soft

  • Five Win Match




    Turn taking brain teaser game. See who's smarter than you! *Compete with your friends or other people in Google+ *You and another player will get total 99 coins. *On each turn, each player bets coins. Whoever bets more will win a turn. *If one player wins 5 turns first, he will win the...

  • TalkTu




    This is another messenger app for Facebook. Very simple to login and chat with your friends. Plan to keep adding new features. Please request any feature you would like to have.

  • Fake Call for watch wearable




    You can initiate fake call from your wearable smart watch device. Looking for a good excuse to get out of somewhere? Touch one button on your watch then you will get a fake call on your phone in 3 seconds. The wearable watch device has to be connected with the phone over bluetooth. This app also...

  • Ants Smasher for Kids




    Kids version of ants smasher. Same rule but bigger cute ants, bees and other insects. Ants are trying to reach to the candy dish and you have to block those with a finger touch. But don't touch others than ants.

  • Fruit Shoot Ninja




    Simply shoot ninja stars to cut fruits. Requires really good throwing skill.

  • Ants Smasher




    Smash ants as fast and much as possible before it's reaching to the food. Use the finger to smash but don't kill other good bugs such as bees and ladybugs.

  • WhoCallsMe




    Have you got a call from unknown number? Are you looking for a way to search it on web with one click? With this app installed, you will get notification when you get a call from unknown number. Once you click on notification, it searches web to know more about any report for that number. It...

  • Chat for Gtalk




    Here's a cute looking chatting client program for Gtalk. It shows easy accessible friends list and convenient chatting window. If you're on WIFI connection, you can transfer the file too. (picture, txt, etc) UI is very simple and comprehensive.

  • Map and Compass




    Your own customized map and compass which you can do 1. Set location alarm and give us notification when we're around (e.g. buy milk here...) 2. Put mark to remember that place easily later. 3. Search things around current or selected location on map. 4. Find the direction to go 5....

  • PhotoTu




    The best album app for Facebook user. So easy to browse your photos and your friends photos in one place. You can download those pictures to your phone instantly too. It's your photo gallery app for Facebook.

  • Barn Escape




    Magician is trying to help barn animal to escape. He puts animals into balloons and push up to the sky. But three rabbits on the planes are trying to block them. Help magician aim correctly to the sky! When balloons are blocked, try to break by putting matching color balloon! See how many...

  • Sleepy Fish




    Sleepy fish is going back home in the sea. Tap the screen to wake him up and heads up so that he can dodge other fishes coming into his direction. You have three changes to dodge. See how long you can make. Share your record to your friend by taking screen shot!

  • Flash & Compass




    Good things than other torch flash. 1. You can use compass with flash torch at the same time. (Touch on screen to turn on and off the flash torch) 2. You can leave flash ON even when the LCD is turned off to save the battery. 3. It notifies you if flash is ON when you close the app.

  • Climber




    Climb the tree! You have to dodge things on a tree. Tilt the phone left and right to dodge. Tap on the screen to speed up.

  • Penguin Air Ball




    You're trying to go home but you found penguins are attacking you with balls on your way. You can attack back and block it with shield. Throw balls to right direction with right strength. *"You can use shield to block balls from them by pressing shield button on right side of the...

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