K Ichimaru

  • Wi-Fi scanner wRecX(Free)




    The state of Wi-Fi and access point(AP) display. -- It connects device with the retrieved access point (AP) by the following methods. : The connection is a tap as for the list. : Automatic connection, to configured AP. :+Open network. SSID: Automatic connection, only to specified AP. ---...

  • Wi-Fi scanner wRecX(Pro)




    The following functions were added to wRecX (Free). - AppWidget - GPS function - Network Tools - WifiConfiguration save function - Application Ramcha

  • Voice Recorder vRecX




    Your cellular phone is transformed to the voice recorder. The recorded data is preserved on the SD card by 3GPP/WAVE/OGG. Ogg Vorbis encoding is very slow.HTC Magic convert 30sec of PCM.PCM(22k) is 3min, PCM(8k) is 1min.

  • Ogg Vorbis Encoder Library




    This is Ogg Vorbis Encoder Library for Android Developer. OggDroid is made based on vorbis-java-1.0.0-beta of Xiph.org. oggDroid.apk contains xiph.jar and xiph_src.jar in drwable-mdpi. xiph.jar contains only class files. xiph_src.jar contains class and java files. This Library is test on...

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