Kaj Bjurman

  • Zoomfield live wallpaper




    A live wallpaper that shows flying objects that comes towards you. Activate it: Long press on home screen -> wallpapers -> live wallpapers, select Zoomfield Very relaxing, and a bit old school. Did something similar on the Amiga about 18 years ago. 1.2: Added some color options. Works...

  • Quads live wallpaper




    A live wallpaper that draws quads/lines. Supports color cycling, random movements & PS3 looking mode. Double tap to generate new random lines. Install: Long press on your home screen, then select wallpapers, live wallpapers. Note! Your phone must support live wallpapers. Don't install...

  • Snowstorm weather widget




    Snowstorm, weather widget. Snowstorm works as both an application and as a widget. Can display forecasts for hardcoded locations, or for your current location. Fully skinnable, and has many configuration options. Press menu in forecast view to see options/skins. Make sure "Settings...

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