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ThE RoAd To Heaven

Hi, I'm Johnny. I'm going to run to HEAVEN today. I'm running to HEAVEN. Touch screen when I'm about to drop to HELL, please. After playing, you can register the world heaven ranking. If you don't mind.

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Download Shuriken Zombies 2(LITE) Shuriken Zombies 2(LITE) icon
Shuriken Zombies 2(LITE)

As the last ninja of your clan, you must fight off hordes of zombies to save your family flick toward zombies to throw shuriken, hold and let go for a powerful attack Get the full for: -7 story chapters -shinobi mode -new bonus art and powerups -more bonus pieces from bosses *Only the demo is too hard after the 4th level!

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Not at all.

Hi, I'm Johnny. If you don't mind, click me. Click Johnny as much as you can when he's provoking. After playing, you can register the world ranking. If you don't mind.

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Download Shuriken(Free) Shuriken(Free) icon

This is a ninja shooting game. Throw shurikens by flicking screen and defeat enemies! After touching the screen a while, You can also throw charged powerful shuriken. *Paid version has no advertisement. 0.9.5 Silent if the device mode is silent or manner.

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Download fsKraepelin fsKraepelin icon

Simple addition is the prime goal. This game can be used to help prepare you for a section of the SPI exam, which evaluates your basic skills, determining whether or not you are ready to enter a big Japanese company as a salaryman.

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This 2D race game looks like that of a classic NES or MSX top-down classic. You can compete with seven cars the whole season from the racer's point of view. Tune up your car using money you get from each race. Also, you can compete with other players on online score board. LITE ver can play 2 categories.

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Download Body Timer Body Timer icon
Body Timer

Click 'START' button and after counting 8 seconds, click 'STOP' button. That's it. You can surely save my life. Thanks in advance. If you click 'STOP' button too early or too late, I'll ... You can also enjoy the world leader board.

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Chicken Run

Every click "Run button", I run more faster and Click "Stop button", I stop. The faster I am, the more points you get, however if I ran too fast, I wouldn't be able to stop precisely. In addition, if you could stop the edge of the bridge precisely, you can get doubled score. You can also enjoy the world leader board.

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Download George's Ninja Fight(LITE) George's Ninja Fight(LITE) icon
George's Ninja Fight(LITE)

Eliminate the Ninjas by punchs. You can make 3 combination punchs. The first blow and the final blow can shoot down Shurikens. You can boost up by eliminating Ninjas. It makes you more powerful attack, more strong body and some changes in punch motion. If you want to recharge, touch the center of screen to eat meat! If you eat too much meat, it m…

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Download Basket Man Basket Man icon
Basket Man

Click 'Catch' button to catch a ball or something, after that slide 'Throw' button to shoot a ball. *Caution Keep clicking 'Catch' button until you catch a ball or something. You can also enjoy the world leader board.

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