Kamal Kornain

  • Prayer Times: Azan and Qibla




    Main Features ★ Prayer times for Muslims around the world. ★ Preload Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei prayer times based on JAKIM, MUIS and Pusat Da'wah Islamiah Brunei. ★ Qibla compass direction to Mecca. ★ Nearby Mosque location and direction using goole map. ★ Daily Supplications for muslim....

  • Waktu Solat -Kiblat, Azan, Doa




    This application not only to display information related to prayer times, Qibla and supplication/doa. We constantly try to improve the contents of this application. Main Features ● Accurate prayer times and waktu solat based on your local timetables (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei)...

  • Waktu Solat Malaysia dan Kibla




    Fungsi Utama ★ Data Jadual Waktu Solat Malaysia diperolehi daripada E-Solat JAKIM. ★ Waktu solat Imsak, Subuh, Syuruk, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib dan Isyak. ★ Memaparkan arah dan jarak lokasi anda ke Kaabah ( Kiblat ). ★ Pencarian lokasi Masjid terdekat. ★ Tasbih Digital. ★ Panduan Ramadhan. ★ Lafaz...

  • Teka Teki Logo Apa Benda Nie ?




    Jom teka logo dan brand yang terdapat di Malaysia! Logo and Brand Quiz ialah permainan trivia meneka logo-logo dan brand yang terdapat di Malaysia. - Percuma - 50 + level - lebih 100 logo dan brand - Quiz Trivia yang sangat menyeronokkan. All Logos & brands shown or represented in this...

  • SMS Collection




    Do you ever have a problem to compose a good sms message to send to family, friends, teacher, siblings or anyone you'd like ? The SMS Collection contains collection of SMS to share with your family, friends, teachers, siblings or anyone else. This app gives you the top 1001 romantic, fun,...

  • Doa Doa Harian




    Collection of daily prayer prayer for Muslims. Doa Doa Harian ketika bangun dari tidur ketika memakai pakaian ketika memakai pakaian baru apabila melihat orang memakai pakaian baru ketika menanggalkan pakaian ketika masuk tandas ketika keluar tandas ketika keluar rumah ketika memasuki rumah...

  • Name Generator




    Have you ever thought to have a name other than your current name? maybe the name of a mafia, a superhero or a transformer? With a name generator, you can find an appropriate name for you or your friends! Make an appropriate names for your family, friends, teacher, siblings or anyone you'd...

  • My InstaDeen (Doa Harian)




    You like to share your photo on social media ? MyInstaDeen lets you capture, decorate and share your picture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Instagram, email or via SMS and Instagram with Islamic content such as Dua / Doa and zikr. MyInstaDeen let you overlay your picture with...

  • My Insta Food




    You like to take a photo of your food ? you like to share your recipe picture ? My InstaFood lets you capture, decorate and share your food picture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, , Instagram, email or via SMS and Instagram. Add a title, location, tags and you can give a rating for...

  • Insta Love Photo Frames




    A great collection of insta lovely photo frames suitable for weddings, romance, love, family, kids, baby and many other occasions. This Insta Love Photo Frames includes 20 templates of lovely photo frames. The Insta Love Photo Frames are very easy to use. 1. Drop your weddings, romance, love,...

  • Kid & Baby Photo Insta Frames




    kid and baby photo frames contains over 100 funny kids and baby, lovely kids and baby and beautiful kids and baby photo frames. Suitable for your kid and baby photo frames. Select or take the picture and select your favorite frame. sure you and the children love it. kid and baby photo frames...

  • Lucky Scanner




    Scan your thumb using lucky scanner and discover your love, health, money and lucky for today . For fun only.

  • Sexy Mode




    Scan your thumb using this thumb scanner and discover your sexy mode for today. For fun only.

  • Beauty Scanner




    Scan your thumb using beauty scanner and discover your beauty mode for today. This app is a prank app for fun.

  • Happy Scanner




    Scan your thumb using lucky x ray scanner and discover your happy mode for today !!!

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