• ApnManager




    The setting of APN is exported, and import and the batch can be deleted. It is recommended in the person who is using two or more people and terminals that replace SIM and use it. Export Import file path is the location below. /sdcard/ApnManager/apnlist.xml By the way, the icon is a hedgehog....

  • SokobanTAG




    SokobanTAG is a puzzle game to which the rule of normal Sokoban is enhanced. SokobanEx of the former work greatly improved power in all and it came back. If all boxes are carried to the destination, it becomes a clear stage. The box cannot be pulled though can push. You can choise a favorite...

  • SokobanEx




    ** Important information ** New SokobanTAG was released. SokobanTAG is greatly improved in all compared with SokobanEx. Because all stages of SokobanEx are collected as it is, we will recommend transferring. Of course, because SokobanTAG is a free game without the advertisement permanently,...

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