• MK9 Dashboard ($1 - 1st 100)

    MK9 Dashboard ($1 - 1st 100)




    I'm extending the $1 sale to the first 100 purchases, please rate my app if you like it :) I know it's relatively new and you must be asking why would I pay when there's free versions out there? Well it's mostly about quality (most other apps don't look right on tablets, or in...

  • LG Esteem Optimizer **ROOT**

    LG Esteem Optimizer **ROOT**




    **ONLY FOR ROOTED PHONES** **ON SALE 3.99, REG 4.99** SUPPORTED PHONES: -LG ESTEEM -LG OPTIMUS M (Requires an sdcard) <--NEW!!! If you have any issues please contact me, I'll help -Works best with various roms from androidforums.com when used with the Homeless Kernel 1.3 that I also...

  • LG Connect Optimizer **ROOT**

    LG Connect Optimizer **ROOT**




    **ONLY FOR ROOTED PHONES** SUPPORTED PHONE MODELS: -LG CONNECT -Other phones may work, but try at your own risk! It's time to show your LG Connect where the plug goes! :) This little phone is great but suffers from short battery life, overheating problems and a few other things. This app...

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