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Kangaroo Games

  • Man fart

    Man fart




    Best Game Ever!!You have to avoid the man to fart in front of the pretty woman. He has to do a massive effort to avoid the gas to escape from his ass....The chili and beers make him so anxious!! If the girl catch him she will became so annoyed!!! Have fun!! give a try!!

  • Pouf Adventures

    Pouf Adventures




    If you like Pou kind of minigames you wil entirely love this game !! Pouf has to save the world!! On this game Pouf travel around the world fighting with asteroids, bananas, piramids and a lot of other surprising enemies!! Fight against them and save the entire world!! BEST GAME EVER!!...

  • Apalabrados Solucion

    Apalabrados Solucion




    ★El MEJOR de google play. ★ Introduce tu tablero y obten la mejor palabra (ningun otro te permite eso) ★ Usa patrones para obtener la lista de palabras que podrian encajar. ★ Guarda tus partidas para no perder tiempo introduciendo letras ★Modo trasparente ★Respuesta ultra rapida

  • ¿Donde esta mama? (Español)

    ¿Donde esta mama? (Español)




    La aplicación más divertida para tus pequeños!!Por fin en español! Tu niño tiene que oir la voz y clickar en la pantalla la foto que se le pide. Aprenderá frutas, animales,colores, a contar y mucho más! Encima se divertirá como nunca! Con la experiencia reunida de multiples guarderías. Además...

  • Geography challenge

    Geography challenge




    Do you think you know all about geography ??Enjoy multiple little games that will measure how good you are!!Challenge your mates using facebook and the entire world!!!4 types of game and worldwide ranking.

  • Anti theft

    Anti theft




    Forget about mobile Theft!! This app will provide you the solution for the most usual thefts on pubs or public places. Nobody will take your phone without you noticing it . If someone touch your mobile while the app is active a 100 db alarm will sound!! also the vibrator will start so the thief...

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