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Fall-E (fall down)

Fall-E is a "fall down" game in which you have to roll a ball down as far as possible. Fall-E offers a range of 30 different levels. Each level has its own character. The Power-Ups and challenges make the game unique. There are many innovative extras, including teleporters and black holes. To control the game tilt your phone left or right…

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Download Tile-E (1-4 Player Reactor) Tile-E (1-4 Player Reactor) icon
Tile-E (1-4 Player Reactor)

Tile-E is the perfect time killer! It is a simple Single Player or Multiplayer "Reactor" game. You just have to touch the tiles to collect points. If you touch a green tile, you get plus points and if you touch a red one you get minus points. The Game is for 1-4 player on a single device. Enjoy!

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Download Follow M-E (Follow the Line) Follow M-E (Follow the Line) icon
Follow M-E (Follow the Line)

Follow M-E is a game in which you have to follow the line as long as possible. If you follow the line with more then one finger (or even more) you will get double points!

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Download CoinToss 3D CoinToss 3D icon
CoinToss 3D

Coin Toss 3D is a simple coin flipping App. If you want to flip a coin but you don't have one you can use this app. To flip the coin just shake your phone or tap on the screen.

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Download Dot-E (Don't Tap The Red Dot) Dot-E (Don't Tap The Red Dot) icon
Dot-E (Don't Tap The Red Dot)

Dot-E is a game in which you have to tap the dots as long as possible until you miss one. The more dots you get, the higher is your Highscore!

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Download Jelly Forest (Sokoban 3D) Jelly Forest (Sokoban 3D) icon
Jelly Forest (Sokoban 3D)

Solve exciting puzzles in Jelly Forest and create your own Levels and share them with the community. Features: - 3D Game Graphics - Many unique Levels - Unlock new challenges - Create your own Levels - Switch between 2D/3D Mode - Game Controller support Your Level may be included in one of the coming updates

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