• Kul med 118100




    Ha kul med 118100! Du kan läsa massor med roliga frågor och svar som folk har skickat in. Appen innehåller runt 50 frågor för tillfället, men vi kommer inom en snar framtid att uppdatera med många fler! Du kan också skicka in en fråga till 118100 via appen med ett tryck.

  • Gamers Dictionary




    Ever wondered what ROFL means? or BFG? Well now your questions will be answered! With this app you will learn all the words you didn't know, and some new ones that not even Hard core gamers have heard of! This is a perfect Dictionary on the go, and of course at your PC, PS3 or Xbox! :)

  • I have never




    It's the game that everyone knows! It's another excuse to learn more about your friends. It's perfect for the party or in the bar with your friends. How does it work then? It's very simple, the first player reads what says on the screen, such as "I have never been to...

  • Biggest Day




    Never ever miss a big day again. Biggest Day is more than a normal countdown app! You can personalize the countdown with your own image by simply clicking on the "set image" when you set up a new countdown. If that's not enough for you, it also includes a notification that will be...

  • Ich habe noch nie




    == Neues Update, jetzt noch besser! == Ich habe noch nie ist eine einfache, lustige und aufschlussreiche Spiel. Nutzen Sie die Chance diese Gelegenheit, um Ihre Freunde Geheimnisse aufzudecken, während sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre aussetzen zu bekommen. Diejenigen von Ihnen, spielen können...

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