Karol Wisniewski Games

Download Telescope Zoomer Telescope Zoomer icon

Telescope Zoomer

Turn your Android device into telescope or binoculars! Up to 100x zoom...

Free | 7 18.4K

7 Users
Download Fake Incoming Call Fake Incoming Call icon

Fake Incoming Call

Want to get away, and you have no idea for a an excuse? This applicat...

Free | 7.4 4.3K

7.4 Users
Download Pimples Squeezing Pimples Squeezing icon

Pimples Squeezing

Pimples on the whole face! Squeeze them as soon as possible! The game...

Free | 5 2K

5 Users
Download Drift Racer Drift Racer icon

Drift Racer

Rally game with scoreloop global ranking! Get the best time and unlock...

Free | 7.6 1.4K

7.6 Users
Download Annoying Whistle (Sqeak) Annoying Whistle (Sqeak) icon

Annoying Whistle (Sqeak)

Free fun app with different high frequency annoying sounds! This whis...

Free | 6.6 1.2K

6.6 Users
Download Insect Fighter Insect Fighter icon

Insect Fighter

Insect Fighter is a defence game that uses accelerometer. Use hose to...

Free | 7 561

7 Users
Download Flower Battery Indicator Flower Battery Indicator icon

Flower Battery Indicator

Do you love Flowers? Monitor your battery level with Flower Battery In...

Free | 7.8 407

7.8 Users
Download Love Live Wallpaper Love Live Wallpaper icon

Love Live Wallpaper

Love Live Wallpaper is a romantic live wallpaper with floating hearts!...

Free | 8.2 347

8.2 Users
Download Skull X-ray Prank Skull X-ray Prank icon

Skull X-ray Prank

Point the camera at someone's face to see a fake skull X-ray. This...

Free | 5.6 284

5.6 Users