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Download Telescope Zoomer Telescope Zoomer icon
Telescope Zoomer

Turn your Android device into telescope or binoculars! Up to 100x zoom! Outstanding magnification! With Telescope Zoomer you can zoom in a lot more than allows your default camera app! Application uses digital zoom, so effect depends on your camera resolution, and framerate on the processor.

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Download Fake Incoming Call Fake Incoming Call icon
Fake Incoming Call

Want to get away, and you have no idea for a an excuse? This application makes fake incoming phone call, which cheat on unwanted company. The application is very simple to use, no complicated settings here. Just select the time after which an fake call is to take place and wait. Screen appears imitating the unknown / restricted number fake cal…

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Download Pimples Squeezing Pimples Squeezing icon
Pimples Squeezing

Pimples on the whole face! Squeeze them as soon as possible! The game is about squeezing all the zits on time. These more white pops up like crazy. Pimples should be popping with two fingers. Zits are divided into more or less ready to squeeze. The more white papule the greater chance of success and a lesser patience bar decrease. When you poppin…

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Download Smiley Battery Pro Widget Smiley Battery Pro Widget icon
Smiley Battery Pro Widget

Customize your home screen with smiley face battery widget that displays battery status with an accuracy of one percent! Widget features: - several colors of smiley available - higher battery level - happier smiley - faces look funny and definitely will make you happy! - accurate battery level information - charging indicator - battery emoticons m…

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Download Drift Racer Drift Racer icon
Drift Racer

Rally game with scoreloop global ranking! Get the best time and unlock new courses and cars! Simple drift controls provide a great racing time. No brakes, max speed, just pedal to the metal. Rally and drift on different types of surfaces: Dirt, sand, gravel, asphalt and ice. There are 6 cars, one faster on asphalt, other on dirt surface. Be a rall…

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Download Annoying Whistle (Sqeak) Annoying Whistle (Sqeak) icon
Annoying Whistle (Sqeak)

Free fun app with different high frequency annoying sounds! This whistle app functions as a: - dog whistle - cat whistle - anti mosquito sound There are several different sounds and squeaks. Helps with dog training and cat training, but you can also use it as irritating sound test for friends or simply to make some disturb sound! Warning! Do no…

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Download Insect Fighter Insect Fighter icon
Insect Fighter

Insect Fighter is a defence game that uses accelerometer. Use hose to treat insects with water, earn money and upgrade your arsenal. Hose is helping you to defence and buy upgrades. In Insect Fighter there are many types of insects. You need to buy upgrades to survive 20 waves on each level. Use your hose to defence against insects like spiders,…

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Download Skull X-ray Prank Skull X-ray Prank icon
Skull X-ray Prank

Point the camera at someone's face to see a fake skull X-ray. This is the first X-ray application, which uses a camera and face detection for X-ray illusion! Make a joke or cheat your friends, that head scanner really works! Skull X-ray automatically detects the position of the head and shows fake X-ray. Scanner works also on a few heads and…

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Download Kitty Cat Battery Kitty Cat Battery icon
Kitty Cat Battery

Monitor battery level with accurate, cute cat widget! Like this ginger cat from the icon? There is a cat collection of 6 cute kittens: black, white, ginger cat and other cute cats! Kitty Cat widget displays charge battery indicator and battery level. Features: * cute cat collection * HD graphics Get Kitty Cat Battery to monitor battery level and…

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Download Flower Battery Indicator Flower Battery Indicator icon
Flower Battery Indicator

Do you love Flowers? Monitor your battery level with Flower Battery Indicator - nice and accurate battery widget! The lower battery level, the flower has less petals. Flower widget provides easy home screen personalization and nice HD graphics. Petals generates randomly, so battery indicator never will be the same!

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