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  • Kaspersky Internet Security




    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers the latest mobile security technologies – including superior anti-theft protection and Android antivirus. All the great features of Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security are now available in a single easy-to-use solution that is...

  • Kaspersky QR Scanner




    QR codes are everywhere. We scan them in shops, on public transport, in museums or in magazines so we can get the latest news or special offers. ✔ Simple & Free It’s quick and easy to scan QRs to access websites, images, text, contact details & more. ✔ Stay safe from scams QR codes...

  • Kaspersky Password Manager




    Kaspersky Password Manager Get the FREE download that helps you protect your digital identity against hackers and cybercriminals. •Stores your passwords… securely All your passwords – and key information about your identity – are stored in an encrypted vault. Your passwords and identity card*...

  • Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner




    Use this free tool to scan your smartphone for dangerous Android vulnerabilities. By exploiting these flaws called FakeID, Heartbleed and Android Master Key, a malicious app can penetrate a smartphone or a tablet, by disguising itself as a popular application, and then steal personal data...

  • カスペルスキー モバイル セキュリティ




    通話をしたり、メールを送ったり、インターネットを使ったり、SNS でチャットをしたり、アンドロイド端末は日々の生活に欠かせません。カスペルスキー モバイル セキュリティは、アンドロイド端末を保護し、あなたのプライバシーを守ります。 <ウイルス/マルウェアからの保護> カスペルスキー モバイル...

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