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  • Face Fun Photo Collage Maker 5




    Face Fun - Photo Collage Maker 5 is here, to entertain you more than ever. Create the coolest pictures by adding exhilarating details to your shootings. Add fun stickers to your pictures to give them a personal touch. Thanks to this amazing tool you will be able to create extremely funny photos....

  • 3.0

    Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin




    The penguins repeat what you say and react to your actions

  • Jump and Run 4 Food: Hero Ball




    Get into the fantasy world of the Hero-Ball. The Hero Ball is spherical being covered with an armor of spikes whose only purpose in life is to fill his stomach to quench his incredible hunger. Unfortunately for him, it will be all but easy to obtain his beloved food, as he will always encounter...

  • Mouth Fun: Talking Funny Mouth




    Mouth fun is a surprising app that simulates the movement of your lips and repeats all you say and much more. Set up your mouth with all the special options contained in this amazing app. It is easy: 1. Place and size the mouth with your fingers 2. Use the different buttons to resize the...

  • Talking Funny Animal - Big Fun




    "Bob is an amazing prehistoric animal that repeats everything you say and responds to your touch. Take a glimpse of Bob’s amusing everyday life. Follow him in his long trip around the countryside and you will discover that, even if he acts like he would be the coolest creature on earth, he...

  • Talking John Dog & Soundboard




    Talk to John Dog. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. With 4 exciting inside games with many levels to play! Become the owner of this slightly loony dog and share some amusing experiences with him. He does pretty much the same things a normal dog would do,...

  • Talking Emily Baby




    Top Talking App Talk to Talking Emily Baby. She answers with her funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. With 8 exciting inside games and a lot of fun extra content! Features: ✔ High quality 3D graphics ✔ Cool voice interaction ✔ Exciting touch game with 20 levels inside ✔ Great...

  • Halloween Photo Fun - Face Fun




    For this Halloween prepare the scariest pictures. Give your pictures a creepy touch by adding dreadful stickers to them. Thanks to this amazing tool you will be able to create unique photos. Use this cool sticker app to change your face, the one of a friend or simply to add something special to...

  • Babys Fun Game - Hit And Smash




    Play this amazing bricks puzzle game in the baby’s room. The objective of the game is to destroy all the brick constructions that have been placed in the room. Aim at a strategic point of the piled up glass blocks and shoot the red balls towards the construction. Try to throw down as many...

  • Baby Dozer Fun - Kids Games




    "Play one of the most famous carnival and theme park games ever. Before the video games existed and the first roller coasters were build people where already actively playing with the addictive coin dozer. Now, for all the nostalgic people and the new generations that never got the...

  • Babsy - Baby Games: Kid Games




    Meet Babsy the talking baby and have fun discovering all her funny activities. Take her by the hand and let her show you all the different toys she has in her bed room. Have a ride on her amazing car and decide which way you want to go. Enjoy playing with the soccer ball and throwing the...

  • Princess 3D Salon - Girl Star




    Did you ever think about what it takes to look like a celebrity or a princess? With this app you will be able to experience all the beauty treatments that they are normally going through. Here you will be able to decide how your young celebrity should look like. Start by choosing the skin color...

  • My Baby: Baby Girl Babsy




    Meet Babsy the talking baby in her bedroom. Talk with her and she will repeat everything you say and respond to your touch. Spend a great time with Babsy and her activities. Have a look at Babsy playing the guitar or the maraca. Enjoy dressing her up with the pajamas you like the most and give...

  • Talking Ork




    Talking Ogre. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Now with 4 exciting inside games with many levels to play and the new amazing sound board! This rude warrior made a long way from a mystic forest just to meet you and learn more about the human race. Do not...

  • Baby Run 4D – Run 1 2 3




    Enter the sweetest run adventure ever seen! Cupid has escaped mount Olympus and entered another dimension where he could satisfy all desires a normal baby usually has. The only problem is that not everything is what it looks like. Run with cupid through an enhanced tunnel littered with...

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