• FanSpec




    App helps in evaluation of different fan specifications for a given application. Most manufacturers provide fan curve (Q vs H) and the operating point on this curve depends on the type of duct system, the average duct velocity, duct pressure loss and duct leakage rates. Thus selecting a right...

  • BoilerFE




    BoilerFE can help run a quick preliminary audit on water tube industrial boilers. Users can select to run different types of fuels such as coal, oil and gases with specific compositions and heating values. The combustion model computes the efficiency and displays the heat balance sheet as well...

  • Compressor Capacity


    CompCap (Compressor Capacity) App is developed mainly to estimate different key performance indices in single stage Industrial Air compressors. It also assists in running quick tests to estimate FAD and leakage in the compressed air systems in order to assess the potential energy savings....

  • CPspec




    CPspec guides to determine the three key factors of a centrifugal pump design specification such as ‘System Head’, ‘NPSHA’ and ‘Sizing’ in order to unveil the potential for energy savings. Selecting a right spec for the given application is often iterative process and is very essential for its...

  • Orifice Flow




    Measurement of fluid flow in pipes and conduits using orifice plates are very common in industrial applications. This app quickly computes the flow rates for liquid and gases based on standard parameters as per the model shown. Users can pick any fluid from a list of fifteen most common fluids...

  • Fluid DeltaP


    This app computes energy loss involved in transmission of fluids for industrial applications. Users can pick from a list of fifteen most common fluids, pipe schedules and sizes with different material of construction to determine overall pressure loss. A judicious selection of pipe size is...

  • Thermo Physical Properties




    This app provides important thermo-physical property data on fluids that are very common in industrial applications. The data helps in computation of various parameters pertaining to flow system design involving heat and energy transfers. This App can become very handy for engineers and students...

  • HeatX




    HeatX (Heat Exchanger) App is developed mainly to evaluate performance in a shell and tube heat exchanger in terms of its over all heat transfer U-coefficient. It also helps in determining different maintenance requirement based on change in its performance characteristics due to degradation....

  • Analysis of RCC Structures


    RC456Mason is an app that helps to run on-site analysis of basic RCC structure and its elements using limit state of collapse method (IS 456-2000). In addition it checks for certain key compliance requirement as per IS code for structure integrity based on the actual data provided for analysis...

  • AstroPro




    “Astropro” is an all in one app for Vedic Almanac, calendar of festivals, horoscope casting with analysis, and also to determine muhurthas for auspicious events. Thus it unveils the power of Vedic Astronomy for a successful, peaceful, and spiritual life. Users can set any major cities around...

  • AstroLite




    “AstroLite” helps keep track of days for Vedic rituals, fast, feast and festivals. This is a basic version of AstroPro published already. While AstroPro is mainly for amateurs and professionals in Vedic astrology, AstroLite is for general public those who are interested in following Vedic...

  • Engineering Unit Conversion




    UnitConv app helps in quick unit conversion from SI units to USCS/Imperial and vice versa for most of the units associated in engineering conventions and computations. Therefore, App can be very handy for engineers and students dealing with subjects such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat...

  • Car Performance Log


    Car Log is a uniquely designed, easy to use app to monitor energy efficiency and performance in personal cars. App helps to keep track of all operation and maintenance cost and generates performance indices that can be used for different economic analyses. Break-even is one such analysis where...

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