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Kaushal Sinha

  • Desi News

    Desi News




    A Simple News Reader for Indian News Sites. Let me know if you would like to have more sites added to the list. Feel free to drop me a line.

  • Geo Reminders

    Geo Reminders




    Location Based Reminders. Turn on the GPS, won't work otherwise Don't close the application, press "Home" once done adding reminders Status Bar notification happens only once per reminder. Can choose to hide completed reminders from the main list. Keywords: Location Reminders,...

  • Sexual Offenders Search (GA)

    Sexual Offenders Search (GA)




    Sexual Offenders Search for Georgia, publicly available data used. Data can be dated (last updated 2/20/2013). If your state makes data available for download, let us know and we will incorporate that in our application.

  • Trip Recorder

    Trip Recorder




    Record, Map, Export & Email a Car Trip. Requirements: * GPS must be enabled for Trip Routing, Recording Speed, distance etc. * An Existing Email account is required for Emailing Trip Route information. Features: * Shows GPS preferences menu to enable GPS. * Show live Location updates with...

  • Public Schools Finder

    Public Schools Finder




    Public Schools finder for the US based addresses. Shows basic information about schools by color coded markers for Elementary, Middle and High school categories. Now, with More Information and graphs for enrollments by race. Click on the Popup windows to dismiss. Data from :

  • StudentTrack





    Parent Portal app for on the go Parents. Check your kids' Attendance, Grades, Discipline, School Alerts etc. real-time. Your School district's Participation is required for providing data. StudentTrack will enable parents to be actively be involved in their kids' education on a...

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