Kazuyuki Eguchi


Download VPN Show VPN Show icon
VPN Show

It is an application only of the call of the VPN setting screen. There is no VPN setting screen, and might be goodness in au IS01 and Docomo LYNX SH-10B.

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Download Music Music icon

The music application program stored in a general Android terminal has disappeared because it recommends IS03 of au to listen to Music with LISMO. This application program is an application to call the music application program. The icon let me use the one of http://www.androidicons.com/

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Download MusicAlarm MusicAlarm icon

Music Alarm is an alarm clock that can specify a favorite music file. The specified music file should be in external media. Version 1.0.9 Bug Fix

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Download Contact Mashroom Contact Mashroom icon
Contact Mashroom

It is a mushroom application program to quote information on the address book. Because it is a mushroom application program, information on the address book can be quoted by even inputting what application program.

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Download Bluetooth OPP PUT for 2.x Lite Bluetooth OPP PUT for 2.x Lite icon
Bluetooth OPP PUT for 2.x Lite

Bluetooth OPP is an application that sends the file. How 1. Start application, you send a file to register the Bluetooth device. 2. File you want to send the application calls the book from a variety of applications share. (Eg, Gallery)

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Download Tweet Battery Tweet Battery icon
Tweet Battery

It is an application that does Tweet to Twitter when the battery power changes.

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Download Camera Camera icon

It is an application program that starts the standard equipment camera application program of Android. Such a limitation is not in the camera application program that started by this application program when the battery power becomes 20% or less like the SH camera of au IS03 though it becomes impossible to take a picture.

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Download NFC Security NFC Security icon
NFC Security

It is an application locked when a specific application starts turning off about the screen. It is possible to release it only with the registered Felica card to release the lock. Confirming the operation can be taken only with nexus s. The current state can be released with the button that returns to the lock by the concept model.

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Download SongNow SongNow icon

It is an application that detects the state of the standard music player, and does information in the listened music in Tweet.

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