• Keo Sarath Old Khmer Songs

    Keo Sarath Old Khmer Songs


    Keo Sarath is one of the most Cambodian popular old singers. His songs and voice are really amazing to listen. All Khmer old songs of him are very popular among Khmer elderly people and also young people. Download now and enjoy the best Khmer old songs from Keo Sarath. Features: +Best songs of...

  • Khmer All Phone Shops Mobile

    Khmer All Phone Shops Mobile




    All Khmer Phone shop is a good app to help you to easily view the price of the mobile phone in Cambodia. You can get the latest and hot prices of mobile phones from most of the famous phone shops. Shops included in this app ares: +Nika Phone Shop +Sokly Phone Shop +Hakse Phone Shop...

  • Eva Khmer Cool Songs

    Eva Khmer Cool Songs




    Do you want to listen to the great songs by Eva? Are you her fan? If so, you will find this app useful for you because it will help organize and collect all the Khmer Songs Videos performed and sung by this lovely and talented singer. Main features: +Easy to use +Khmer Unicode support for all...

  • Dream Horoscope Khmer

    Dream Horoscope Khmer




    Did you dream yesterday? Do you want to know the meaning of your dream? This Khmer fortune teller ap will help you to understand or intepret the real meaning of each dream you made during your sleep. It will show you the meaning in Khmer Language so that you can easily understand it. With Khmer...

  • Khmer Vehicle Number Horoscope

    Khmer Vehicle Number Horoscope




    Do you want to know about the meaning of the plate number of your vehicle? Is it lucky or not for you? Is it good for your driving? This app will help you to easily understand about the meaning of your vehicle plate number by just entering your vehicle number then this cool app will show you the...

  • Khmer Lucky Phone Number

    Khmer Lucky Phone Number




    Khmer Lucky Phone Number Horoscope, also known as Khmer Phone Number Fortune Teller is a great app that could predict the meanings of your phone number. Now you can know whether the phone number you just bought is good or bad for you. Sometimes, the meaning is really true, but it can also be...

  • Brorjroy Horoscope Khmer

    Brorjroy Horoscope Khmer




    Khmer Brachrouy Horoscope, also known as Khmer Mole Horoscope is a good Khmer fortune teller app that will tell you the meaning of any kind of mole(Brachrouy) on your face or on any parts of your body. Features: + Support Khmer Unicode for all phones + 16 different types of mole you can...

  • Khmer Birthday Horoscope

    Khmer Birthday Horoscope




    Want to know the story or details behind your birthday or birth date? This app is a good Khmer fortune teller app which will tell you the meaning of the day and the month you were born. Those meaning can help you learn more about yourself whether your birthday can help affect you in a positive...

  • The Voice Cambodia

    The Voice Cambodia




    Like listening to amazing voice of the candidate or singer in the Voice Cambodia on Hang Meas TV? Like to watch those clips right from your smartphone without watching the TV? Like to watch the Voice Cambodia anywhere and anytime? If you answer Yes, download this app now and enjoy watching all...

  • Khmer Health Tips

    Khmer Health Tips




    Khmer Health Tips will help you to educate and teach yourself many useful health tips and advices in Khmer Language. Those information are very important for you and your friends in order to be healthy and safe in your life. By understanding more about Cambodian Health knowledge, you would be...

  • Khmer Lottery Horoscope

    Khmer Lottery Horoscope




    Khmer Lottery Horoscope is a good Khmer app to help you guess or intepret the numbers behind what you dreamed. Sometimes, you dreamed of something meaningful but you don't know what the real numbers that represent that dream are. In Khmer Culture, people always try to guess the number of the...

  • Khmer Place History

    Khmer Place History




    Khmer Place History is an app that will help you to learn more about many different and important Khmer histories of places or temples in Cambodia. You will learn, for example, how Phnom Penh City was founded. Since Cambodia has many wonderful historical sites such as Angkor Wat Temple, this app...

  • Khmer Songs Sokun Nisa

    Khmer Songs Sokun Nisa




    Sokun Nisa is a famous female singer in Cambodia. Her voice is great. She has many fans out there and if you are her fan, this will be your cool app to have on your phone. This app will help you listen to all great Khmer sons sung by Sokun Nisa easily. Features: +Songs are updated daily +Full...

  • Khmer Temple History 2

    Khmer Temple History 2




    Khmer Temple 2 will help you to study about the histories and what happened behind the development of Khmer Temples during the past time. You will be provided with a lot of information about each temple. If you are curious about or interested in Cambodian Temples, this app will help you a lot in...

  • Special English for Khmer

    Special English for Khmer




    Want to learn English better or in an attractive way? Now you can easily help yourself to learn English with Special English for Khmer. You will be able to learn more useful words and phrases for effective communications with Native speakers everyday, whenever and wherever you want. You will...

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