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[Description] You can enjoy KBS Radio on your smartphone anytime and anywhere! KBS Radio offers our audiences an easy and simple radio service. [Main Services] 1. On-Air Service You can listen&waching to KBS Radio in real time. 2. Listen&waching Again Service If you missed any radio show, find Service. You can listen to the earlier pro…

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KBS World

[About] KBS World is a television channel for international audiences provided by the Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). It's your premier window of KBS 1TV and 2TV’s latest and most popular programs with English subtitles. Download this complimentary KBS World app today to enjoy those high-quality contents including global K-pop fans communit…

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TV Friend TVUT

We introduce the new TVUT which is easy to use and has the strongest communication function! TVUT is an innovative broadcasting APP where you can watch TV shows on your smart phone! The TVUT app provides the following functions [Main functions] 1. Vote in LIVE shows! You can participate in live shows and make a vote 2. Listens to your story!…

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KBS World Radio Mobile

[Description] The new app consolidates KBS World Radio’s news and feature contents of with services previously provided through separate apps such as On-Air, News Podcasts, Let’s Learn Korean, and Korean Cuisine. Anytime, Anywhere! Experience KBS World Radio’s “smarter” new app. [Main Services] 1. Available Contents Text and video for news, curre…

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KBS World Radio On-Air

[Description] Anytime, Anywhere! On-Air app is specifically designed for quick and easy access to audio services for KBS World Radio programs in 11 languages. Experience KBS World Radio’s “smarter” new app. [Main Services] 1. On-air Service Easy access to KBS World Radio’s On-Air Channels - Win.K 24 : 24-hr streaming service in English - Win.K 11…

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