Kelevra S.L

  • CPR Assistant




    CPR ASSISTANT gives you simple and effective steps to follow when faced with a serious medical emergency, especially when the victim is in danger of death. It is not simply an App that teaches resuscitation, but rather a REAL-TIME guide to help you during the actual emergency. When faced with...

  • Arkham Pinball




    Arkham Pinball, a game set in the work of HP Lovecraft, creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, a classic and sinister representation of the famous fictional town of Arkham located in Massachusetts, takes control of the flippers and protects the world from the Ancient Ones. Game controls: - Tap anywhere...

  • Virton




    VIRTON merges tower defense gameplay style with electronic music creation in real time. Each type of tower represents a percussive sample and every time it shoots, its corresponding sample will be heard. By upgrading towers and surviving waves the track will grow in intensity and complexity.

  • Caferoids




    Ah… It's the intern's life… rushing around all day! Pick up all the coffee mugs, scattered around the galaxy and hand them over before they get cold! Ey! And remember to get some coins on the go. You'll need all the help one can get to make ends meet!" To do so, you'll have...

  • Frisbeat




    A new sport comes to your Device Perform spin throws and magic throws to defeat your opponent, versus the computer or a friend. Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Flying Disc…Frisbeat combines these and cartoon style with intense gameplay. MAIN FEATURES ★ Play against the computer or against your...

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