Kelly Walsh

  • Learn To Play Piano - Part 2




    A collection of 20 videos on Learn To Play Piano Includes: Arpeggio pattern Turns, Trills & Mordants Expressing Emotion Metronome History Of Music Polyrhythms Cadences Basic Modulation Learn to play Fur Elise by Beethoven Basic Harmony Rules Structure in Music Playing Eyes Closed Alberti...

  • Learn To Draw Cartoon Animals.




    A collection of 25 brilliant how to draw cartoon animals lessons. There is something here for everyone! Includes Basic Characters Cartoon Turtle Cartoon Tiger Cartoon Pig Cartoon Panda Cartoon LadyBug Cartoon Horse Cartoon Goldfish Cartoon Dinosaur Cartoon Cat Cartoon Ant Cartoon Dog Cartoon...

  • Aikido Beginners




    Aikido beginners is a series of 20 video lessons on this great martial art and form of self defence. Aikido will give you a sense of wellbeing and security whilst getting you fit and helping you to stay in shape. Lessons Include; Turning Wrist Lock Head Throw Technique Basic Disarms Shoulder...

  • Learn To Draw Cartoon Characte




    A great collection of 20 lessons on how to draw your favourite cartoon characters. These easy to follow step by step lessons will have you animating and drawing for fun in no time! Includes; Woody Woodpecker Tweedy Timmy Turner From Fairly Odd Parents Tabaluga Stewie From Family Guy Bart...

  • Learn To Play Easy Piano Songs




    Collection of 23 Easy Piano Songs including: Take A Bow Fireflies Poker Face Airplanes Telephone Tik Tok Dont Stop Believing Soul Sister I'm Yours Kate Imagine Dream On Dust In The Wind Hotel California Crazy Frog Clocks Speed Of Sound Let It Be Piano Happy Birthday Hallelujah My Love Cry...

  • Make Your Own Christmas Cards


    17 Video lessons on how to make your own Christmas Cards. Includes: Joy S-Fold Christmas Card Simple Christmas Card Christmas Double Slider Card Gingerbread Man Card Snowflake Card 6 Quick Christmas Cards Christmas Penguins Cards Merry & Bright Card Angelic Christmas Card Pop-Up Card Origami...

  • Kids Fitness Workouts




    12 Video Kids Fitness Workouts to help your kid get and stay in shape! Includes: Warm Up Warm Up Routine Upper Body Strength Step Exercises Coordination Exercises Resistance Ball Activities Bosu Ball For The Core Weight Exercises Sliding Exercises The Wheelbarrow The Bridge The Head Stand...

  • Karaoke - Rock


    23 Karaoke Rock Tracks Including: Avril Lavigne- My Happy Ending Beatles- Let It Be Bryan Adams- Everything I Do Bryan Adams- Summer Of 69 Coldplay- Speed Of Sound Coldplay- Yellow Ghostbusters Green Day- Holiday Guns N Roses- Sweet Child Of Mine King Of Leon- Use Somebody Nickleback-Rockstar...

  • Fishing - Carp From The Start




    Join Kevin Maddocks as he shows and describes the basic running leger fished with a boilie on the hair rig. He also demonstrates the use of particle baits, both side hooked, and on a hair rig. Other useful hints include a more advanced rig, all of which will help the inexperienced carp angler to...

  • Snooker Trick Shots


    A collection of 23 video on Snooker Trick Shots Includes: Amazing trick shots snooker pool Awesome Snooker/Billiards trick shots Jimmy White Crazy Spin Shots Steve Davis Snooker Trick shot show Steve Davis macht trickshots 8 Amazing 8-Ball Trick Shots Coolest snooker shot of all time John...

  • Modern Jazz Dancing 2


    A collection of 16 video on Modern Jazz Dancing Includes: Modern Dance Tuck Jump Shinae Turn Move Splits & Warm Up Drills The Bow Stretch Warm Up The Glissee Tour Jete Move The Picka Turn The Skater Turn Stag Leaps Advanced Modern Dance Moves Old School Moves in Jazz Funk Dance How to Do the...

  • Modern Jazz Dancing 1


    A collection of 15 video on Modern Jazz Dancing. Includes: What to Wear for Modern Dance Warming Up & Stretching Box Steps Basic Jazz Dance Turn Combining Modern Dance Moves With Music Heel Stretches to Warm Up Modern Dance Back Shoulder Roll Modern Dance Combo Moves Modern Dance Passe...

  • Party Food Recipes




    A collection of 25 video on Party Food Recipes. Includes: Parma ham wrapped figs with raspberry dressing and a dolcela Bruschetta Party Appetizers Clams Casino Appetizers Candied Bacon Appetizer Party Appetizers Wrap party recipes Savory Vs. Sweet Christmas Party Food Pepperoni Puffs Puff...

  • Fishing - Anglers Paradise


    In this Video Zyg and his wife Rose tell the story of how they made their dream come true. Anglers Paradise is a place where dreams are realised for the angler, and rods are forever bending under the pull of fish. A place where exotic species such as golden and blue orfe, koi, golden tench and...

  • Parenting Tips




    A collection of 24 video on Parenting Tips. Includes: How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep How to Know When to Potty Train a Toddler How to Toilet Train Your Toddler How To Prevent Bed Wetting How to Cope With a Clingy Toddler Dealing With Toddler Tantrums Positive Affirmations for Kids Recommended...

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