Kent Butler

  • SimpleVoice Audio Recorder




    Simple application to capture and play back audio samples in standard .wav file format to the device SD card. Sample quality can be selected from 8000mhz to 48000mhz and all samples are captured in 16 bit mono. Audio is captured from the MICROPHONE input stream and plays back on the MUSIC audio...

  • TiltShooter3d Demo




    A target gallery style shooting game using acceleration sensors and touch screen to control player action. Demo version featuring 5 levels. The player controls the rotation and barrel elevation of a cannon by tilting the device. Shots are fired by pressing the icon at the lower left area of the...

  • miniMatcher




    Simple 25 image-matching memory game. Multiple themes and difficulty levels. High score, low turns and best game time are stored. Custom difficulty allows player to set all parameters. See help for instructions on playing the wild(25th) tile.

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