• San Francisco Museum

    San Francisco Museum




    Enhance your visit to the San Francisco Museum of La Paz, Bolivia. You will find in this app the most featured arts of this baroque-mestizo treasure, some historical informations, and your way to the Museum. You will finally have access to the different activities performed by the Cultural...

  • SimiDic





    SimiDic is the first free/open source electronic dictionary for Android mobile devices. This application was created to facilitate communication between people from different cultures and maintain the use of native languages ​​thanks to mobile phones. It includes several dictionaries of Native...

  • Un cacho de cacho (yahtzee!)

    Un cacho de cacho (yahtzee!)




    It's a popular Bolivian dice game called cacho Alalay that is usually played on bars with friends, and you'll enjoy playing. Some of the features are: - dice-box real throw simulation (also a throw button is available - dice effects - traditional Bolivian annotation sheet style -...

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