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  • 5.0

    MyCalendar Beta




    Here's the app that reminds you of your friend's birthdays, don't need to look at Facebook

  • 7.0





    Import all your friends' birthdays and set up alarms

  • ひらめきピクチャー: 単語を当てよう




    4つの写真の共通点は? この単語を当てよう?

  • Intellipuzzle Indovina la paro




    Ecco il rapporto tra le 4 immagini? Riesci a indovinare la parola? ★ ★COME TE LA CAVI A INTELLIPUZZLE?★ ★ Riesci a sbloccare tutti i livelli? Sfida gli amici e confronta i punteggi! ★ ★ NUOVI PUZZLE OGNI SETTIMANA★ ★ Ti attendono decine di puzzle da quelli più semplici a quelli più...

  • QI Visual - Adivinhe a Palavra




    Como as quatro imagem estão relacionadas? Você consegue adivinhar esta palavra?

  • Fotos CI - Adivina la palabra




    Cómo se relacionan entre sí las cuatro imágenes? Puedes adivinar esta palabra? ★ ★¿CUÁL ES TU CI DE FOTOS?★ ★ ¿Puedes desbloquear todos los niveles? ¡Desafía a tus amigos y compara el puntaje! ★ ★ NUEVOS ACERTIJOS SE AGREGAN TODAS LAS SEMANAS★ ★ ¡Infinidad de acertijos fáciles y difíciles te...

  • Photo QI - Quel est le mot?




    Quel est le rapport entre les quatre photos? Peux-tu deviner ce mot? ★ ★QUEL EST TON QI PHOTO?★ ★ Seras-tu capable de débloquer tous les niveaux ? Défie tes amis et comparez vos scores! ★ ★DE NOUVELLES ÉNIGMES CHAQUE SEMAINE★ ★ D'innombrables énigmes, des plus faciles aux plus...

  • Logo IQ Quiz - Guess the Brand




    ★ ★ TOP LOGO QUIZ GAME ★ ★ Can you guess the brand from the image? ★ ★ WHAT IS YOUR LOGO IQ? ★ ★ Can you unlock all the levels and solve picture puzzles? Challenge your friends and compare scores! ★ ★ NEW PUZZLES ADDED EACH WEEK★ ★ Countless puzzles of from easy to hard await you! ★...

  • Picture IQ - Guess the Word




    ★ ★ TOP PUZZLE GAME ★ ★ How do these 4 pictures relate to each other? What's the word we are looking for? See how far you can get! ★ ★ WHAT IS YOUR PICTURE IQ? ★ ★ Can you unlock all the levels and solve picture puzzles? Challenge your friends and compare scores! ★ ★ NEW PUZZLES...

  • Prayr




    Prayr a community that will help you in times of need. Let us all be more compassionate and respectful to one another. Let us all forgive each other more and forgive ourselves. Together, as we pray for our loved ones and help one another within our community, we can make the world a better...

  • Contact - Address Book & Chat




    Some things should stay up to date on their own. Now, they do. Contact keeps you connected with your friends and family. It syncs phone numbers and email addresses of your most important connections in the cloud, and updates them if they change, the moment they change. Is your contacts list...

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