• IELTS Skills & Strategies

    IELTS Skills & Strategies


    [Welcome to IELTS Preparation: Skills and Strategies] This application brings to you the best IELTS courses and skills to prepare for the exams. It is organized in three main pages and many topics to training fully four skills of tests! So comprehensive, easy learning and being well prepared...

  • TOEIC Preparation

    TOEIC Preparation


    [TOEIC Preparation] //========================= - Wanna be prepared for TOEIC Tests? - Wanna find resources to improve skills for testing? - Wanna try a sample TOEIC Test? - Or to find out Tips, Tricks before taking the exams? ... This app provides you a smart and complete resource to...

  • IELTS Listening

    IELTS Listening




    [IELTS Listening Section] - Did you find difficulty on Listening Section? - You want to find some materials on IELTS Listening Section? - Wanna be prepared on IELTS Listening tests? - Wanna master or get high score on Listening Section? [Download and enjoy learning] This app is designed to...

  • TOEFL Listening

    TOEFL Listening


    [TOEFL Listening Section] - Are you preparing for TOEFL tests? - You wanna more information on TOEFL Listening Section? - You want to improve more Listening Skills of Listening Section? - You want to have more Tips, Tricks, Strategies to get higher TOEFL scores? - You are finding sample...

  • Lịch Vạn Niên | Lich Van Nien

    Lịch Vạn Niên | Lich Van Nien




    Keyword :lich van nien,am lich,calendar,âm lịch,lịch việt,lịch,viet calendar,lich, lịch vạn niên VietCalendar is the top calendar on iOS and now available on Android ! VietCalendar is best Vietnamese Calendar with beautiful design and easy to use. Main feature : -watching today information:...

  • IELTS Preparation

    IELTS Preparation




    This app includes IELTS videos collections to help us improve skills : listening, speaking, writing ... to get highest score in IELTS TEST. - full videos from Study English - IELTS Preparation - Australia Network - videos records listening test of Cambridge IELTS Test - A lot of IELTS...

  • English Study | Học Tiếng Anh

    English Study | Học Tiếng Anh




    ***THE MOST CONVENIENT ENGLISH STUDY APPLICATION FOR VIETNAMESE SPEAKERS ON ANDROID MARKET!! ============== ***Improve your English with 100 lessons and more convenient tools in the application: *Offline Packages: -Smart dictionary. -100 basic lessons. -Basic English words. -Common phrases....

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