Kimmo Satta / ATK-Huolto Satta

  • zRadio Unlocker FREE




    You can still buy the paid unlocker if you want, for support. If I one day continue work on zRadio, those who have bought the paid unlocker will get unrestricted zRadio even then. But in any case for now with this free unlocker you can get all functions of zRadio.

  • zRadio:Internet Radio Recorder




    This application allows you to listen to your favorite internet radio stations even when you're offline (Internet connection required to record the stations at scheduled times). Here's how it works: - Add your favorite internet radio stations - The app records them automatically at...

  • zRadio Unlocker




    January 14th 2013: Changes to the price in some countries due to VAT changes. This unlocker removes all restrictions from zRadio ( You have to have that installed for this unlocker to be of any use. INSTALLATION: - Install this...

  • zRadio Debug Tools




    This is an app to help me debug the zRadio app. You don't need to install this unless I tell you to. It just sends me some more detailed debug info etc.

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