King Kong Lock





    Lock is an system tool can lock any applications on your Android smartphone.If someone wants to open your locked application,he needs to enter password.It helps to protect your privacy form being invaded. After installing lock,you will no longer worried about: 1.Your private App will be opened...

  • Shield Pictures




    Shield Pictures OS Android1.5 above Function:Hide pictures so that they can't be viewed in gallery and browser. You can select all or select more pictures to hide.Restore hide pictures, check the pictures need to hide or restore.Click menu to select functions or long can...

  • Se con




    Secret Contact(Se con) is a communication security applications,It can hide the call log and SMS record of Specified contacts. Secret Contact can effectively avoid your Private Conversation leaking out.So you can contact your secret friends with secret sms or secret text. There are always...

  • Lost Phone




    After losing Mobile phone, as long as somebody replace the mobile phone card, the application will automatically send message to your mobile phone anti-theft set ( a good friend's number) when start the mobile, you can get the number of opponent by the source of message. Set up friends number...

  • Super Task Killer




    Super Task Killer is a tool in simple operation. 1.stop the Task which like process or service,can stop any one Task or select all Task. system memory information and clear system memory 3.Search and Uninstall any application background This is one function of King Kong Lock®.You...

  • Power Saver




    Power Saver is professional and efficient power-saving android application.Save electricity follow your inclinations through Personalized DIY save power "on/off" function! Main function 1.battery management:check the battery status,charging status,voltage and battery temperature....

  • Compass


    Compass can be used as a compass and provide your a very convenience direction. In the other hand, it can use the GPS device in your phone to locate at the longtitude and latitude where you stand, and show this location in the google map. In the google map you can also see the compass to show you...

  • 广州地铁通




    广州地铁自1997年正式开通以来,是国内目前第三大城市轨道交通系统。经过15年的发展,广州地铁已成为广州市民出行最主要的交通工具之一,到2011年,广州有7成以上的市民首选地铁出行。【广州地铁通】是目前国内最权威的广州地铁出行类手机应用,它旨在为广大市民提供高质量的广州地铁“一站通”服务,包括:地铁最新运行公告推送、地铁出行查询、服务设施查询、地铁延误情况查询和手机微博等功能。 应用操作说明:...

  • Black Block




    When a hard day, rare lying in bed when the phone suddenly rang soon hung up, does it make you feel helpless? Together to deny a sound call, sales calls, call blacklist, deductions trap telephone. Black block is a blacklist used to block incoming calls / SMS firewall software, as long as you...

  • King Kong Lock




    King Kong Lock®(KK Lock®) is exist for protecting your privacy.The most complete of locking function: App Lock,Lock file,application hider,hide pictures, secret contacts.And more functions are going on.The best of unlock method:original password UI,calculator UI,pattern UI,FC UI. Free custom...

  • Uninstaller




    Uninstaller Offer easy and convenient ways to install and uninstall applications,install or uninstall big quantities of application. Furthermore,users can manage their apps by themselves quickly through recommend application. Notification:Long press the application select to delete the file...

  • Flow intercept




    Flow intercept is a flow block convenient for users to open and close the network widget widgets. The application of compact and convenient for the majority of local friends loved, with traffic blocked the emergence of the king no longer have to worry about your network traffic will be lost on...

  • Network firewall




    Network firewall is a powerful Linux system security application.It can open or limit the network status of many applications. Less memory, low power consumption and fast,Network firewall will be your best choice. Notice:please make sure your mobile phone have permission of Root when use network...

  • Application Hider




    Application Hider can help you to hide the applications on your android cell phone. So you don't need to worry about Daddy found your secret. Now you can install every app you want,and then hide them. Or hide some annoying applications in your HOME.Application Hider can help you. Application...

  • App manager




    App Manager is a Program management software. It includes The funtion of automatic classification and uninstalling software and custom classification and so on. To help you manage your software reasonably and open your software quickly. How to Use: 1.The software will classifying automaticlly...

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