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    Alchemy Helper

    The Best Alchemy cheat app! Interactive based on what you have found, not just a plain old list. Helps get all 390 elements for the game Alchemy. Displays only combinations that you can currently make with your found elements. Easily find those elusive combinations and complete your elements list. The paid version allows you to select all your f…

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    Doodle Helper

    Doodle Helper helps you get element combinations for God, Creatures, Devil, Farm & Kingdom! This is a free guide that shows you what element combinations you can make from what elements you have got. Try not to cheat too much, just see what you can make and try to figure out how, but if you need to you can see how to make something by pressing…

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    Alch Genetics Helper

    Helps you get all 525 animals for the game Alch~Genetics. Displays only animals that you can currently make. Find those elusive combinations and join the 525 club! This is the first version and as such not everything is 100%. It will initially take about 10 seconds to load, the screen will be blank, just wait. I'll be updating soon. Some dev…

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    GPS Location Calculator

    Determine the location and distance to far off objects and locations using two methods. Useful for such applications as Geocaching, Orienteering, Golf, Fishing etc. Two Path method - Use this method to determine the GPS location of distant objects that are not on the same level as yourself, eg something in a valley or something on a hillside. Two…

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