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Playing Notes

Musical Notes, depicted as moving spherical entities, play themselves...

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SMS Delay Tracker

It's a well known fact that Android doesn't show the actual se...

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The Game - Eat all the rays that are emitted into the game zone using...

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Recognote (Recognize-Note) is a simple app to learn, experience and fe...

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Electrayz Pass

Electrayz Pass is a derivative of the classic Electrayz game. The them...

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Playing Notes Pro

*** Please try Playing Notes, free ad-supported version, before buying...

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Electrayz Pro (Ad Free)

*** This is an Ad Free / Donation version of Electrayz *** *** Please...

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Electrayz Pass Pro (Ad Free)

*** This is an Ad Free / Donation version of Electrayz Pass *** *** Pl...

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