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iGranth Gurbani Search

iGranth is a Gurbani Searcher app that let's you search SGGS, Bhai Gurdas Ji Varaan, read Nitnem Banis and SGGS.

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Download Japji Sahib- Daily Sikh Prayer Japji Sahib- Daily Sikh Prayer icon
Japji Sahib- Daily Sikh Prayer

Japji is a universal song of God composed by Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of the Sikh faith. Japji Sahib, appears at the very beginning of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Japji Sahib is recited by Sikhs every morning. This app lets users read Japji in Gurmukhi along with Eng transliteration and translation. Gurbani, Paath, Nitnem.

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Gurdwara Directory

Gurdwara Directory lets users see Gurdwaras close to the user’s current location and also Gurdwaras around the world. Users can share the Gurdwara information with other users (via bluetooth, email, sms, etc) or call the Gurdwara number directly. Sikh, Kirtan, Gurbani

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The Sikh Library

TheSikhLibrary app let's you stay up to date with Sikh issues/news from around the world. It is a one stop app to read Sikh news, blogs, Sikhi related social media feeds and have easy access to research/study literature related to Gurbani/History/Gurdwaras. The app contains: - News: Collated from Google - Social Feeds: From Twitter and Tumblr…

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