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  • GPC Europe

    GPC Europe


    An invitation-only program to educate global meeting planners that are executing meetings in the European region on how to work better in that region. This program is also to connect planners to a small group of convention center and convention bureau senior suppliers from this region.

  • mint CEO30

    mint CEO30


    Mint CEO30 brings you the exclusive coverage and event information about Mint CEO30 - August to November 2014. Download the application and enjoy detailed event information, live interaction with other Industry leaders, location maps and many more features. It also brings you the Mint 30 event...

  • Momentum



    Momentum 2014 welcomes wealth managers from credit unions across Canada to Quebec City in October 2014. Presented by Credential and CUMIS, this conference will inspire growth and explore strategies to enhance your wealth management business. Use this app to navigate our host hotel, keep track...

  • LIANZA 2014

    LIANZA 2014


    Navigate LIANZA 2014 with ease - check your programme, share your thoughts, and manage your schedule. Thank you New Zealand Micrographics Service!

  • Boston 14

    Boston 14


    This is the event app for the OBL and Illinois League of Financial Institutions Joint Convention 2014.

  • ETS 2014 Annual Meeting

    ETS 2014 Annual Meeting


    The 66th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society will be held Nov 19-21 in San Diego, CA at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. This app contains the full schedule and guide for the meeting and can be used in lieu of the printed program.

  • Promo App Forum Solarpraxis

    Promo App Forum Solarpraxis


    Promotion App for 15th Forum Solarpraxis - Germany's most important solar business conference

  • Oil&Gas Con

    Oil&Gas Con


    The Only Conference Enabling Upstream Oil & Gas Executives to Achieve Supply Chain Efficiency and Procurement Excellence.

  • NCBJ14




  • 15 Forum Solarpraxis

    15 Forum Solarpraxis


    Germany's leading solar business conference taking place every year in November in Berlin.

  • Bank Seasons 2014

    Bank Seasons 2014


    VIII Форум «Банковские сезоны. Инновации в платежных технологиях» посвящен развитию инновационных технологий, бесконтактных платежей, безопасности расчетов, сокращению затрат банка при помощи IT-ресурсов, а также интеграционным и национальным платежным проектам. Задачей Форума является...

  • BTL тур

    BTL тур


    Приглашаем в увлекательное путешествие - в г. Амстердам. Яркий, красочный, вкусный, джазовый, настоящий и уникальный город… Рождение города относят к 13 веку. Дословно, Амстердам - «дамба на реке Амстел». К XV веку Амстердам стал крупнейшим торговым городом Нидерландов. Город начинается с...




    APRA's premier annual statewide education Conference & Expo is a great way for you to refresh moving into the busy fall season. Join us to gain new ideas, renew your master plan, rev up your creative juices and recharge your perspective for the months ahead. This year we’ll focus on...

  • Intern Rpt

    Intern Rpt


    2014 PepsiCo North America Foods Intern Report Out in Dallas, Texas

  • ICNA Midwest Convention 2014

    ICNA Midwest Convention 2014




    We are a non-profit organization which is having a Regional Convention in Peoria, IL and we will be using this app to promote the speeches and and different speakers.

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