Kitmaker EntertainmentSA

  • Radikal Snowboard




    Compete in the highest mountains and most impressive tracks to win the title for the best snowboarder. The best in the world meet up at the World Snowboard Tournament so get ready for a competition that surely won't be easy. Perform a wide variety of air-defying moves to gain popularity and...

  • Hunter's Prize




    The Great Big Bear Trophy, is the most coveted by all hunting lovers, but only a few meet all the requirements to be worthy of this precious prize gifts. Grab your gun and walk through the most beautiful spots, tracking the best succulent pieces. Prove your skills as a hunter and Rise with the...

  • Jump Boy 2D




    Every thousand years the giant bird Dodoth wakes up from a long sleep on the Lemuria island, and it is very hungry! The Jumpikirowaka cannibal tribe has prepared a banquet to welcome their god Dodoth. Our young friend Jimbo, will be the main course with a side of nuts. His girlfriend Lilly will...

  • Who took this picture?




    In Who took this picture, children will have fun and learn at the same time while watching funny illustrations of colorful characters. They will be presented with a picture containing different animals and through the process of elimination, need to determine which one of the animals is the one...

  • Get the cookies




    You have been given a puppy as a present but you didn't know how hungry he can be. Squeeze your brain to feed him the cookies he needs. Cut ropes, activate mechanisms, play with the inertia and much more. Are you ready to enjoy? Download it now!

  • X-Ray Scanner PRO




    The X-Ray Scanner Pro turns your mobile phone into an incredible Scanner! Ray Scanner Pro includes four types of scans, one for the whole body of man and woman, one for the hand and another to the head. In addition to the simulation video, X-Ray Scanner Pro audio is accompanied by the sound that...

  • Bug Killer




    In "Bug Killer" you'll have to face the fliest that have invaded your home. Clean and get past the 4 scenarios that the game has, from the basement to the garden, a room and your office, armed with a flyswatter and get rid of them before it's too late, but beware, you must...

  • Rally Montecarlo




    Test your skill at the wheel to reach the finish line first! Rally Montecarlo realistically simulates what it would be like to race on different surfaces!

  • 4x4 Road Endurance




    You have the chance to experience the thrill of sitting at the wheel of these amazing cars in races full of adventure. Buckle up and get ready to make your engines roar while you drive through exciting and amazing bumpy roads. Download it now!

  • Rio Super Soccer




    In RIO SUPER SOCCER you are part of the best 2014 professional teams in the world and you must be ingenious to win the Cup. Accumulate energy and impress the fans with incredible kicks, tricky passes, super shoots and many GOALS! But be careful with the obstacles, they can blow you up...

  • Horse Racing Championship




    Horse Racing Championship is an equestrian game where you will compete in different locations, with the best riders and horses in multiple championships until you reach the highest level. Strive to be the fastest and win the most important trophy of all.

  • Circuit




    Put your Robot Dog back together by completing challenging puzzles that will test your ability in this amazing game of logic. But it won't be easy, to reach the goal you will have to use different tools through multiple challenging levels. • There are 6 worlds you must complete, each with 20...

  • Future Ball




    FUTURE BALL, la bola que responde a tus preguntas sobre el futuro. Juega con tus amigos y diviértete preguntando a la bola, que te responderá a preguntas como: ¿Ganara mi equipo el próximo partido?, ¿Me casaré el próximo año?, ¿Ganaré la lotería?

  • Wacky Winter Games




    The world's best athletes have been challenged to "Wacky Winter Games": The game of Olympic Winter Sports. Find out once and for all which one of them will be taking the gold! "Wacky Winter Games" delivers many different types of fun and crazy events in the competition....

  • Where is my cheese?




    You'll help a little mouse find the cheese through multiple levels full of doors that must open and close in order to pass. The doors only open in certain directions and to get to the cheese, you will have to use strategy. A great game for developing strategy in children.

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