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  • Get the cookies

    Get the cookies


    You have been given a puppy as a present but you didn't know how hungry he can be. Squeeze your brain to feed him the cookies he needs. Cut ropes, activate mechanisms, play with the inertia and much more. Are you ready to enjoy? Download it now!

  • Hunter's Prize

    Hunter's Prize


    The Great Big Bear Trophy, is the most coveted by all hunting lovers, but only a few meet all the requirements to be worthy of this precious prize gifts. Grab your gun and walk through the most beautiful spots, tracking the best succulent pieces. Prove your skills as a hunter and Rise with the...

  • Bomber Dino

    Bomber Dino


    Little Diki is a funny dinosaur with an incredible super power, it is able to lay explosive eggs! Help it on its mission of rescueing the little creatures of its same species by helping it place the destructive eggs. Donwload now BOMBER DINO!

  • Wing Warriors Free

    Wing Warriors Free


    Here comes the AWESOME arcade shooter WING WARRIORS. This is an incredible story about three great Wing Warriors (Kai, Gaia and Raiden) who are in fight with the Black Emperor. Enjoy this game with successful air combats. Top quality graphics and sound. Hordes of enemies and different weapons. 3...

  • Hyundai World Race

    Hyundai World Race




    Cars, races, cities, rivals… and you are at the wheel of your own Hyundai. If you like to compete, win fame and be the best, HYUNDAI WORLD RACE is definitely the game you have been waiting for. Get on your car and race on the road. Drive through the different available cities and circuits and...

  • Where is my cheese?

    Where is my cheese?


    You'll help a little mouse find the cheese through multiple levels full of doors that must open and close in order to pass. The doors only open in certain directions and to get to the cheese, you will have to use strategy. A great game for developing strategy in children.

  • Rodeo Stars

    Rodeo Stars




    With Rodeo Stars you can become a real cowboy. Riding these wild animals and trying to tame them when the bell goes off. The fiercest bulls are waiting to humiliate and knock you down. Are you ready to test your skills? • As you continue to beat the challenges, you can unlock more difficult game...

  • Pizza Cut

    Pizza Cut


    Poker's Pizza is the fastest pizza place in town and as a cook you'll have to cut the ingredients as fast as you can if you want to deliver the orders. But pay close attention, there are forbidden ingredients you mustn't cut!. Download PIZZA CUT now!

  • Football Championship

    Football Championship




    Get ready to play with the best teams in the world, Football Championship is the game for football lovers. With Football Championship you can step in the shoes of a professional player. You will have to come up with a team strategy and score as much as you can. Now you can measure up with the...

  • Wacky Winter Games

    Wacky Winter Games




    The world's best athletes have been challenged to "Wacky Winter Games": The game of Olympic Winter Sports. Find out once and for all which one of them will be taking the gold! "Wacky Winter Games" delivers many different types of fun and crazy events in the competition....

  • Senshi the Ninja Warrior Free

    Senshi the Ninja Warrior Free




    Senshi, the master of Shurikenjutsu, has broken the shogunate law marrying a woman from his rival clan Onikage. Their leader, Rinmaru, has kidnapped Senshi's wife. Senshi only has one day to sneak into the Himatsu Castle and rescue his beloved Akane. • Make your way with multiple levels. •...

  • Minigolf Crazy Champion. Free

    Minigolf Crazy Champion. Free




    Welcome to the Crazy Minigolf Championship Free Edition! The best minigolf players of all time have arrived through time and space and from the most surprising locations to compete in this fantastic tournament. One of the most respected inventors of all-time, Rufus Magnatus, has created the most...

  • Zombies Revolution

    Zombies Revolution


    On the coldest night of the year, accompanied by a full moon, children sleep quietly in their homes. In a small cemetery on the outskirts of the city, the living dead unite to go for a stroll! Join the zombies´ heads in this strategy-based game and prevent the Zombies Revolution! • Join the...

  • Merlin The Sorcerer

    Merlin The Sorcerer




    The kingdom of Camelot is in grave danger. The evil witch Morgana has recruited an army of orcs, demons and beasts to take over the throne. Merlin, the most powerful sorcerer, must take on the evil army and collect the missing pieces of Excalibur to stop her and evil from reigning. Merlin must...

  • Minigolf Crazy Championship

    Minigolf Crazy Championship


    Welcome to the Crazy Minigolf Championship! The best minigolf players of all time have arrived through time and space and from the most surprising locations to compete in this fantastic tournament. One of the most respected inventors of all-time, Rufus Magnatus, has created the most unreal...

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