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  • Future Ball

    Future Ball


    FUTURE BALL, la bola que responde a tus preguntas sobre el futuro. Juega con tus amigos y diviértete preguntando a la bola, que te responderá a preguntas como: ¿Ganara mi equipo el próximo partido?, ¿Me casaré el próximo año?, ¿Ganaré la lotería?

  • Football Championship

    Football Championship




    Get ready to play with the best teams in the world, Football Championship is the game for football lovers. With Football Championship you can step in the shoes of a professional player. You will have to come up with a team strategy and score as much as you can. Now you can measure up with the...

  • Final Kombat

    Final Kombat




    Year 20XX, Metrocity has been taken by criminal bands. Mr. K and his cyber ninjas control the streets. You´re the only one who can stop them. You will have to pick up the bombs you'll see along the way to move on to the next level. You will be able to move forward and jump on different...

  • Lord of Fight

    Lord of Fight




    The best fighters in the world have been recruited to fight in the most amazing challenge of all time. Join now and fight for your life and that of your clan. Take on hoards of enemies who will do everything in their power to stop you. If you succeed, you'll be part of a clan that will claim...

  • Navy War

    Navy War




    International waters are not safe any more. Enemy fleets sail the seas destroying every ship they meet. The only solution is to face them directly and on equal terms with a fleet that has the same features. The player will be the commander in chief of the allied fleet and will have at his or her...

  • 4x4 Road Endurance

    4x4 Road Endurance




    You have the chance to experience the thrill of sitting at the wheel of these amazing cars in races full of adventure. Buckle up and get ready to make your engines roar while you drive through exciting and amazing bumpy roads. Download it now!

  • Zombies Revolution

    Zombies Revolution




    On the coldest night of the year, accompanied by a full moon, children sleep quietly in their homes. In a small cemetery on the outskirts of the city, the living dead unite to go for a stroll! Join the zombies´ heads in this strategy-based game and prevent the Zombies Revolution! • Join the...

  • Wacky Winter Games

    Wacky Winter Games




    The world's best athletes have been challenged to "Wacky Winter Games": The game of Olympic Winter Sports. Find out once and for all which one of them will be taking the gold! "Wacky Winter Games" delivers many different types of fun and crazy events in the competition....

  • Bobolinkies





    KITMAKER Bobolinkies presents endearing. These cute colorful creatures star in the most addictive game of the decade.\n\nThe Bobolinkies need to be with their kind, so the player will have to chain them skillfully. Following its hugely successful iPhone, Bobolinkies the game that everyone is...

  • Nabuna Galaxy Battle

    Nabuna Galaxy Battle




    Queen Luxine has been captured. As General Commander of the Galactic Forces, you have to get your best men together to rescue her as soon as possible. Kvrist, the enemy leader, is reponsible and wants to conquer our galaxy with this move. You will have to travel to the galaxy Quom and rescue her....

  • Radikal Snowboard

    Radikal Snowboard




    Compete in the highest mountains and most impressive tracks to win the title for the best snowboarder. The best in the world meet up at the World Snowboard Tournament so get ready for a competition that surely won't be easy. Perform a wide variety of air-defying moves to gain popularity and...

  • Jump Boy 2D

    Jump Boy 2D




    Every thousand years the giant bird Dodoth wakes up from a long sleep on the Lemuria island, and it is very hungry! The Jumpikirowaka cannibal tribe has prepared a banquet to welcome their god Dodoth. Our young friend Jimbo, will be the main course with a side of nuts. His girlfriend Lilly will...

  • Minigolf Crazy Championship

    Minigolf Crazy Championship




    Welcome to the Crazy Minigolf Championship! The best minigolf players of all time have arrived through time and space and from the most surprising locations to compete in this fantastic tournament. One of the most respected inventors of all-time, Rufus Magnatus, has created the most unreal...

  • Bocina





    Use this application to play an air horn for fun with friends or celebrate when your football team wins! The possibilities are endless!

  • Bomber Dino

    Bomber Dino




    Little Diki is a funny dinosaur with an incredible super power, it is able to lay explosive eggs! Help it on its mission of rescueing the little creatures of its same species by helping it place the destructive eggs. Donwload now BOMBER DINO!

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