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Cancer Preventing Food (Health

Learn how to eat properly and healthily to reduce cancer risk This app contains all the common foods can be found in grocery stores which provide rich antioxidants and phytochemicals that can help stave off cancer and some can even help inhibit cancer cell growth 1.1.1 fix bad link !This app is not medical advise

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Download Natural Beauty Recipe Natural Beauty Recipe icon
Natural Beauty Recipe

Get this app to learn how to take care of your skin/body in a 100% natural way. Home made beauty recipes are prepared from the fruit vegetables and the herbs found easily from grocery store. Features: Can be used for men and women. Favorite Share recipe by mail,msg Submit your own secret recipe

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Download AppUsage Monitor/Manager AppUsage Monitor/Manager icon
AppUsage Monitor/Manager

AppUsage Monitor & AppManager * Count every time you start the Apps. So you will know which Apps you use mostly. * Find Unused Apps * Launch, Clear cache, Kill App. * Consume very less battery and cpu * Fast search App in system V.1.2.7 Add clear search bar.

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Download Smart Money/Expense Smart Money/Expense icon
Smart Money/Expense

An easy and straightforward expense management software to allow you manage your money in a more logcal way. (Comment and sugesstion welcome) FEATURES: 5 reports built in calculator 2lv category backup/restore Switchable main view Switch view by shake Flexible view/report period new add sub report 30Day trial

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Download Mobile News Mobile News icon
Mobile News

Mobile News from Engadget (MOBILE CLASSIC HD) ** Fast light news App! *Mobile News of consumer electronics and new technology *Text & Picture mode *Off-line content *Build-in Browser *Simple nice look UI *Has 中文版 & 日本版 App V.1.1.7 Update UI and check network

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Download Task Switcher HOME Plug-in Task Switcher HOME Plug-in icon
Task Switcher HOME Plug-in

This is a Plug-in for Smart Task Switcher for launched by press HOME button. ** Smart Task Switcher is a multi task switcher app / Task Manager It can do a quick switch between recently used apps / running tasks / favourite apps. More convenient! -- It use a tiny movable floating icon method to replace long press HOME button key. A simple task…

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Download App Manager Utility App Manager Utility icon
App Manager Utility

Useful simple App Manager Utility Quickly locate application among 100+ installed applications. Action: launch, management (Kill process, clear cache/data, uninstall), set as favorite, check new version. I will be appreciate if you mail me your suggestion ^_^ If you like it, you may purchase pro version on Market (no Ads)

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Download Chinese 36 Stratagems 中国36计 Chinese 36 Stratagems 中国36计 icon
Chinese 36 Stratagems 中国36计

中国36计 The Thirty Six Stratagems are a unique collection of ancient Chinese proverbs that describe some of the most cunning and subtle strategies ever devised by man. 36 Stratagems are strategies you can use in business, investment, negotiation, or even day to day interaction. 36计 (Thirty Six Stratagems) 1.4 fix UI on some devs

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Download Joke: Better Daily Joke Joke: Better Daily Joke icon
Joke: Better Daily Joke

A Daily updated Joke reader for your own mobile entertainment. Best mobile companion for killing your time on train, bus, in meeting, or even on toilet! Now provide long&short jokes for people who wants some immediate laughter. V.1.6 New UI, fix bug of list TAG: Joke laughter funny fun story !Not support 2.2 now

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