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Button Savior (Root)

Requires root for full function. Some keys can still work without root. No Root users running Jelly Bean (4.1) and newer can also get Button Savior Non Root to get same functions. You will need to upgrade your SuperSU to latest version if you have problem with Home, Back, and Menu keys Top 1 Software key App on Android Market Top 10 Must have app…

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Button Savior Non Root

This is NON ROOT Version of Button Savior. If you are looking for Root version, please search for Button Savior (Root). ======================== Dear Samsung Users, to solve Talk back problem, please go to Settings/Application Manager/All and disable Disabling the Google TTS and Samsung TTS ======================== For users using 4.1 or later O/…

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Download Smart Taskbar 1 (V1) Smart Taskbar 1 (V1) icon
Smart Taskbar 1 (V1)

☆☆☆ Smart Taskbar V2 is released in Google Playstore too! Search Smart Taskbar 2 to get yours. ☆☆☆ Launch any application instantly. Swipe your finger or click icon anytime in any App to bring up a mini sidebar for super fast app launching also works as app organizer, folder organizer, multi tasker, task killer, and shortcut manager. If you want…

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Download Smart Statusbar Smart Statusbar icon
Smart Statusbar

This app is designed for devices running Android phone version. Smart Statusbar is the first and only Status bar enabler in full screen app. You can now reveal status bar in any Full screen app with gesture. Imagine you are watching movie and you want to know what time it is, with Smart Statusbar you can do a finger swipe as you were trying to e…

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Download Smart Taskbar 2 (V2) Smart Taskbar 2 (V2) icon
Smart Taskbar 2 (V2)

☆☆☆ All new Smart Taskbar V2 ☆☆☆ The same Smart Taskbar with new look and more power functions and this time it is one app that runs on both phone and tablet devices. Launch any application instantly without leaving your current window. Swipe your finger or click the trigger icon anytime in any App to bring up Smart Taskbar panel for super fast a…

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Download Assistive Zoom (root) Assistive Zoom (root) icon
Assistive Zoom (root)

NOTE: This App requires Root to work. You will need to upgrade your SuperSU to latest version if you have problem with Version 1.1.3 This App allows you to use only one finger to complete pinch to zoom. Works on any pinch to zoom enabled App or window. Say good bye to needing both of your hands for zoom in and zoom out in browser, mail, book rea…

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Download OneClick Scroll - root OneClick Scroll - root icon
OneClick Scroll - root

This is a root app. Please download only if your device is rooted. You will need to upgrade your SuperSU to latest version if you have problem to scroll in V1.1.3 This app can come in extremely handy when you in a situation that you want to quickly return to top of a list or a web page. No more tedious swipe up through a long list when OneClick…

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Button Savior Pro Key

Buy this key to upgrade Button Savior to Pro version. Automatically unlock both (Root) and (Non Root) versions. This is just a key not an App. So you won't be able to run it. Instead, you need to download Button Savior first before buying the key to work. Please try before purchase and download the free version (Button Savior) first to make s…

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Download Smart Taskbar 1 Pro key Smart Taskbar 1 Pro key icon
Smart Taskbar 1 Pro key

Buy this key to upgrade Smart Taskbar 1 to Pro. Please note this is the Pro key for V1 not V2. If you are looking for Pro for V2, please search for Smart Taskbar 2 Pro Key. This key is not an executable nor is it an App. It is just a key to unlock following features in your Free Version Unlock: (1) Task killer (2) Ads removal (3) Backup/Restore (…

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Download Cancer Preventing News Cancer Preventing News icon
Cancer Preventing News

Learn about Latest cancer science discoveries, treatments, and cures. This app is dedicated to bringing patients and their families the latest news and information on cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Covers: Breast,Colorectal, Gynecological,Hematological,Lung,Prostate,Panacreatic,and other cancer.

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