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Critter Escape!

Escape from a secret research facility in this stealth-based adventure game. Play as a test specimen and make your way through the maze-like corridors of Welk Tower, avoiding guards and collecting items. Intuitive controls and comical animations make Critter Escape a game that any player can enjoy. Press loves Critter Escape: “...if you’re a fan…

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Find out why EVERYONE is playing Jiggle Watts, a simple yet addictive FREE matching puzzle game with a refreshing new twist. Connect the matching Jiggle Watts as they fall from the sky. Match three or more to trigger explosive chain reactions and earn supercharged power-ups, just watch out for the evil S’morasaurus! Jiggle Watts is perfect fo…

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Might and Mayhem: Battle Arena

Bring the Mayhem. Fight for Might! King Dragon's flames burned away the old realm, and his monsters rule the ashes. But an ember of hope still flickers, waiting for the right hero to rekindle it: You! Get ready for Might & Mayhem, an arcade-style battle strategy game with live PvP battles and epic single-player quests. Assemble your team o…

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Chuck the Muck

Chuck Yourself! Meet Chuck, a spunky little blob with an ENORMOUS appetite! Keep him happy and watch him grow by collecting crystals in this physics-based adventure game. Use your finger to stretch and pull gooey globs of muck, creating bridges, shooting ooze cannons and flinging your high-flying critter. Navigate through treacherous environments…

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Wonky Ship

Resisting the black hole is futile, but now you have choices beyond the worst ship ever. Today is a good day to die! Engage… these new features: • Ships now have stat rankings! • Coin boost purchases now permanent! • Amazing UI improvements and bug fixes! [Surgeon General’s Warning] This game is NOT recommended for the faint of heart. Playing m…

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Mix a Muck!

Dragons! Robots! ...a chicken? The creators of the smash hit Critter Escape bring you Mix-a-Muck! Prepare to journey on pirate ships and space crafts, from medieval times to the wild west as you customize your very own critter. Test your brain power against the clock with thousands of wacky combinations, then pose, poke and photo-share your critter…

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HALOS: React and Match

HALOS: React and Match Game The mesmerizing react-and-match game that lets you jump in & zone out. What’s all the fuss about? Halos is an addictively simple and fast-paced matching game. If you love Match-3 games but are looking for something a little more zen, yet still challenging, this is the game for you. Your challenge is to slide ea…

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Heroes Of Havoc

Victory is only a tap away! Now is your time...gather your fighters, unlock their powers, and guide them to become legendary heroes! When Havoc reigns, only YOU can save the Realm in this fantasy adventure from the world of Might & Mayhem. Welcome Master, to Heroes of Havoc, the RPG that combines clicker controls with amazing 3D graphics. Sen…

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Halos is an addictively simple and fast paced matching game. Slide each Halo into its matching rings. Keep a close eye on your Halos as similar colors will fool you. Don't get too comfortable in your groove because the ever changing speed is the real trick. Once you think you're a pro, try out the Premium Pack. Premium unlocks 2 new game m…

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