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What is SAFER than a Locked vault? It is a locked vault you are The only person who can find it! Sesame Safe is a double secured and tricky vault app. Why Sesame Safe is double secured? 1 - Because you must have a password to read data. 2 - Because you must dial a secret phone number that you can configure to open the real App! Why Sesame Safe…

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Social Wheels

Social Wheels is a social network application that allows you to reach cars owners the easy way. It also makes you reachable and you can receive messages about your cars. Who uses Social Wheels? This app is for any one who wants to receive messages (or not) from people using only their car number. On the other hand, for any one who wants to send m…

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Four Walls

Four Walls is a simple board game. When we were young we used a piece of paper and two pens with different colors. Now you can play the same addictive game in your phone or tablet using one device or two devices connected over Bluetooth or over Internet! You can play this game with your friends, siblings or parents! Nothing is more valuable than th…

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