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  • mMR Lite - Monthly

    mMR Lite - Monthly


    KloudData's mMR Lite App for physician to provide quality care on the GO! Record | Appointment | Templates | Investigation | Diagnosis | History | Audio No server set ups, No high fi Configurations mMR Lite is the app for physician, consultant, medical students and other healthcare...






    Battle Royale 12 Corporate captains and their teams to clash for victory and glory in a unique cricket challenge in Rajasthan. The SAP-CEO India CEO Cricket Challenge is back - this time, with Rajasthan, the city of kings, as battleground. Coming April, 12 formidable teams from the...

  • mMR (mobile Medical Records)

    mMR (mobile Medical Records)




    KloudData SAP Certified mobile-MedRecords(mMR) manages, stores and displays entire clinical information of patients in real time at the point of care. mMR helps you enhance patient care process with point-of-care access to end-to-end patient records – from a variety of backend data sources. This...

  • MobileProtect Pro

    MobileProtect Pro


    MobileProtect Pro is an sms based security solution for your Android device. Misplaced your mobile device. No worries at all. With MobileProtect if you could control the sound profiles and externally command the device to play a siren, Then now with MobileProtect Pro just sms onto your device...

  • mMR Predictive Analysis

    mMR Predictive Analysis




    mMR Predictive Analysis App Doctors or nurses can view the real-time vital readings of patients who are admitted in the ICU/ICCUs. This app runs a Predictive Analysis of all the real-time vital signs values and generates an alert, if it foresees anything below or above the normal values. A...

  • MobileProtect





    MobileProtect is a simple and free mobile security and locating solution for your Android device. Ever misplaced your mobile device, wasting precious time rummaging around trying to find it? You try to locate it by calling the device, only to remember that the silent profile is on, leaving you...

  • CallBlock Pro

    CallBlock Pro




    “CallBlock Pro” is the latest app. to block unwanted calls. It provides user with the functionality of restricting "Incoming Calls" and "Outgoing Calls" on the phone. It also blocks Incoming Messages from unwanted numbers. The application works in two different modes: Black...

  • SoccerMania





    The SoccerMania app is your one stop information center for soccer matches. Never miss any match of your favorite sport. Get updates, anytime anywhere with SoccerMania App. This application shows you all the information about the participating teams. You can select any of your favorite teams...

  • Damini





    Amidst increasing concerns for safety of women, KloudData Inc. has tried to do its bit by bringing forth this app ‘Damini’ for the safety of ladies. Aptly named in tribute to the Delhi brave heart, this app helps women in distress immediately alert their near and dear ones by sending an SOS...

  • CallPlus





    CallPlus records "Incoming" and "Outgiong" calls on your Andorid phone. The Most important is to record a conversation with the business partners. You can Save the Recorded file in a specific location and Playback the recorded tracks. Disclaimer: KloudData is not...

  • CallBlock





    CallBlock is the latest app to block unwanted calls. CallBlock helps you to restrict "Incoming CallS" and "Outgoing Calls" on your phone.

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