Knighthawk Systems, LLC

  • 360TextBooks



    360Textbooks allows its affiliates to be able to get pricing information on books.

  • FanScan





    Fan Scan® is the dynamic combination of our multi-patent pending seat QR code mounts, national Fan Loyalty Program and mobile app platform working together across a network of arenas and stadiums around the world. Fan Scan® empowers fans that scan to get more out their arena and stadium visits.

  • GlanceID





    GLANCE ID is a social app community that allows mobile smart phone users to identify and exchange information using unique QR barcodes by using the including QR Code Reader. Owning a Glance iD allows users to scan iDQR barcodes to easily access desired information about businesses, locations,...

  • RoughNotesCoverAgent



    The Rough Notes Cover Agent app is focused on the agents that participate in the cover agent magazine produced by Rough Notes.

  • BodTV



    GlanceiD’s online and smart phone mobile platform delivers easier access to the fitness industry while also stimulating local spending by rewarding local fitness lovers who scan at local gyms, nutrition stores, etc. BodTV App members will now have the option of going online or scan using their...

  • RoughNotes



    The Rough Notes Mobile App is a powerful mobile platform that allows users to access information easier, connect and share contact info better, and scan QR Codes whether directly from the magazine, while mobile or while attending major insurance events. All registered users have a robust QR...

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