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KNM Tech

  • Animal Sounds & Talking Parrot

    Animal Sounds & Talking Parrot




    Animal Sounds application includes most of the animals seen in the Zoo (including birds) and Sounds of each animal. Talking Parrot: Parrot imitate your voice as you speak and you can share your imitated parrot voice with your friends.

  • Toddler Books & Nursery Rhymes

    Toddler Books & Nursery Rhymes




    Toddler Books & Nursery Rhymes is a toddler learning app which entertains kids starting with Rhymes and then transitioning to Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Fruits, Animals, Vehicles, Planets, Months names, Days in a week etc books. Rhymes include English & few Indian language...

  • Preschool & Kindergarten Books

    Preschool & Kindergarten Books




    This is a toddler and preschool kids All in One edutainment app get ready for Kindergarten. It helps toddler to transition from Rhymes to Toddler books and then Toddler to Kindergarten transition. Toddler books include Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Fruits, Animals, Vehicles, Planets,...

  • Kids Math &MultiplicationTable

    Kids Math &MultiplicationTable




    Math Basics Balloon Game is a balloon popping game for Kids to teach - counting - addition - subtraction - multiplication - division This game teaches Kids with fun and in a practical way. Also includes Multiplication Tables (1 - 20) X (1- 20)

  • Alphabets & Numbers Tracing

    Alphabets & Numbers Tracing




    Alphabets & Numbers Writing app is an virtual teacher to practice alphabets and numbers writing. - Provides kids friendly writing environment to start practicing writing starting with drawing lines by connecting dots. - Provides step by step alphabets & numbers writing with animation -...

  • Kids Dots Drawing & Coloring

    Kids Dots Drawing & Coloring




    Connect the dots & Coloring app is a dot to dot drawing app and also free drawing with doodle me like doodle pro. Kids can learn & develop writing / drawing skills, learn shapes, fruits and come out with their creative drawing using Doodle me. In the initial version, it has cartoons,...

  • Phonics Spelling & Sight Words

    Phonics Spelling & Sight Words




    Phonics, Spelling and Sight words is an edutainment app designed for pre-K & kindergarten kids to teach phonics, pronunciation, spelling and to memorize sight words. This application entertains kids with fun to learn: Phonics Letter Blending Pronunciations Sight Words game Spelling game...

  • Multiplication Tables for Kids

    Multiplication Tables for Kids




    Helps Kids to learn Multiplication Tables with fun. It includes multiplication tables for 1-20 i.e. (1 - 20) X (1 - 20) and multiplication Quiz Interesting voice feature to read out multiplication table which Kids can listen and learn easily.

  • Phonics and Blending for Kids

    Phonics and Blending for Kids




    Phonics & Letter Blending app is one of the best app for pre-K / Kindergarten students to get started with English language reading skills. It provides flashcards with voice to learn letter sounds and letter blending which help to start reading words and sentences. This app also includes...

  • Clock Time Reading for Kids

    Clock Time Reading for Kids




    Kids Clock Time Teacher is a fun based application to teach kids to learn to read the time from analog clock. 1. Hours hand and reading hours 2. Minutes hand and reading minutes 3. Adjust Hours, Minutes & Seconds using number dial 4. Teaches 24-hour and 12-hour clock 5. Clock Time reading quiz

  • Sliding Tile Puzzle

    Sliding Tile Puzzle




    Sliding Tile Puzzle is based on the 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. In addition to the numbers, Sliding Tile Puzzle...

  • Kids Word Puzzle

    Kids Word Puzzle




    Kids Word Puzzle is a word search puzzle specially designed with interesting and easy word categories for Kids. This is fun playing for all ages with timing based scoring. Version 1.0 includes below word categories: Cartoon Characters Fruits Animals Food Items Vegetables Countries Numbers...

  • Telugu Alphabets for Kids

    Telugu Alphabets for Kids




    Telugu Alphabets Writing Guru is an virtual Telugu language teacher to teach letters identification, pronunciation & writing (Vowels & Consonants) 1. Reading / Letters learning - Telugu Alphabets (Vowels, Consonants, Guninthalu, Vottulu) identification - Pronunciation teaching by voice...

  • Tamil Alphabets Tracing&Rhymes

    Tamil Alphabets Tracing&Rhymes




    Tamil Alphabets Teacher is an virtual Tamil language teacher to teach letters identification, pronunciation, writing (Vowels & Consonants) and some vocabulary. 1. Letters identification / pronunciation - Tamil Alphabets (Vowels & Consonants) identification - Pronunciation teaching by...

  • Hindi Alphabets & Words Book

    Hindi Alphabets & Words Book




    Hindi Alphabets Writing Guru is an virtual Hindi language teacher to teach letters identification, pronunciation & writing (Vowels & Consonants) 1. Reading / Letters learning - Hindi Alphabets (Vowels & Consonants) identification - Pronunciation teaching by voice playback and also in...

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