Knockout Labs

  • Light Painting Guide




    Ever seen those beautiful light paintings on the web and wonder how they make them? Or do you envy your friends' ability to light paint? Now, with this beginners guide to light painting, you'll learn to light paint within 15 minutes, provided you have the minimum requirements to light...

  • Vible News App




    With the Vible News App, you can see all your news, all in one place. Vible has news topics ranging from business to automobiles to the top headlines to whatever is in! With the Vible News App, reading news is a whole new experience! NOTE: For Iran immediate update , please press the menu...

  • Government Of India




    This is the unofficial application for the government of India. It provides links to various sections of the governments' website, and opens them up in its INBUILT web browser. ***** View the application in LANDSCAPE orientation for full visibility of website as else, you may need to...

  • It Replies!




    ***It Replies!*** THE LATEST APP FROM KNOCKOUT LABS assures you a safe ride. ****** With It Replies! all your text messages recieved while the app is open, would be READ ALOUD FOR YOU, and an immediate custom reply would be sent. ****** NOTE: Please set your media volume to FULL, to hear...

  • Stocks




    Stocks on the go! Now with ICS support!! See the latest values of stocks with "Stocks". Powered by Yahoo Finance, you can see any stock instantly. ********* The value displayed of each stock would be country specific. ********* The loading time for each stock would depend on your...

  • ScreenCam




    Your phone doesn't have a front camera? Never Mind. With ScreenCam, your screen, becomes the camera. Download the application to learn more. ******** NOTE: Please turn your media volume to full to hear our unique camera clicker sound. :D ******** FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED PERIOD....

  • iParking Brain




    Now, never forget where you parked your car with iParking Brain!!! The first application from Knockout Labs will remember where you parked your car, and then guide you back to it. You could also use iParking Brain during camping or hiking expeditions to guide you back to your starting point....

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