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  • UControl Weight




    This app puts your body weight in your own hands! Choose from the following Languages: English, German, Turkish, Dutch. Eat what you like most, but know when to stop. That is the concept of the UControl Weight app. Simple, yet effective. Also perfect to help you maintain a healthy weight...

  • UControl COPD




    UControl COPD app, op basis van de CCQ-questionnaire, voor het meten van de kwaliteit van de behandeling en het online begeleiden van mensen met COPD. Samen met de UControl COPD PRO applicatie voor zorgverleners het unieke en professionele patienten zelfmanagement begeleidingssysteem.

  • FigureOut!


    Figure out which numbers are behind the 4 letters and break the code, using as few button clicks as possible. Meanwhile train your arithmetic skills! Press the magic buttons and see what AxB or A+B is - logic has to do the rest. FigureOut! has 4 levels. Level 1 is for kids to train mental...

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