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  • WeightCoach



    The innovative Weight loss program that helps you reach your goal: Set your weight goal, eat what you like until the traffic light turns red. WeightCoach calculates a personal weight management program for you. Cleverly selected food-item buttons make data entry easy and fast. No complex...

  • UControl Weight Lifestyle

    UControl Weight Lifestyle


    Turn your Android device into a personal diet Coach with UControl Weight. Transform your Android device in your very own personal diet and lifestyle manager with UControl Weight. The app with an intuitive, easy to use interface is aimed at anyone looking for a comprehensive diet and weight...

  • FigureOut!



    Figure out which numbers are behind the 4 letters and break the code, using as few button clicks as possible. Meanwhile train your arithmetic skills! Press the magic buttons and see what AxB or A+B is - logic has to do the rest. FigureOut! has 4 levels. Level 1 is for kids to train mental...

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