Knowledge Seven

  • Mauritius Vibrations




    Very often in Mauritius, we have the feeling that nothing is happening. Or we learn about interesting events only after they have occurred. This is specially true for tourists who often find it difficult to get timely information on the latest happenings in Mauritius. As a result, a lot of...

  • EZ-Point




    Android EZ-Point application (currently in testing)

  • World Cup 2014 TV Guide




    The World Cup 2014 of Football (Soccer) is happening in Brazil. Never miss a match again. Use this app to know on which TV channel each match is being shown in your country. Choose among the following countries: * Brazil * Mauritius * Réunion * France * United Kingdom * United States (EDT) Use...

  • Noupei


    Noupei: nou la voix ensam Noupei is meant for people who care about Mauritius, whether you have the same interests or not. Meet people who think like you as well as people who are different. Let's share our thoughts on the things that matter the most to us as a society and as human beings....

  • Business Studies Q&A




    Business Studies Q&A brings exam questions and answers in Business Studies at your fingertips. Includes clear explanations which can help students better understand, analyse and answer exam questions related to Business Studies. The app is designed for A-level (e.g. Higher School...

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