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Wi-Fi scanner wRecX(Free)

The state of Wi-Fi and access point(AP) display. -- It connects device with the retrieved access point (AP) by the following methods. : The connection is a tap as for the list. : Automatic connection, to configured AP. :+Open network. SSID: Automatic connection, only to specified AP. --- ・When the state of AP changes, the list is automatically…

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Download Ogg Vorbis Encoder Library Ogg Vorbis Encoder Library icon
Ogg Vorbis Encoder Library

This is Ogg Vorbis Encoder Library for Android Developer. OggDroid is made based on vorbis-java-1.0.0-beta of Xiph.org. oggDroid.apk contains xiph.jar and xiph_src.jar in drwable-mdpi. xiph.jar contains only class files. xiph_src.jar contains class and java files. This Library is test on Android 1.6.

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Download Voice Recorder vRecX Voice Recorder vRecX icon
Voice Recorder vRecX

Your cellular phone is transformed to the voice recorder. The recorded data is preserved on the SD card by 3GPP/WAVE/OGG. Ogg Vorbis encoding is very slow.HTC Magic convert 30sec of PCM.PCM(22k) is 3min, PCM(8k) is 1min.

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Download Wi-Fi scanner wRecX(Pro) Wi-Fi scanner wRecX(Pro) icon
Wi-Fi scanner wRecX(Pro)

The following functions were added to wRecX (Free). - AppWidget - GPS function - Network Tools - WifiConfiguration save function - Application Ramcha

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