Kolm Games

  • KoLines




    KoLines is a logical game, which contains a three games in one: KoLines, Fifteen, Blockage. KoLines: Four or more balls placed in one line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) disappear. And two balls of the same color can be combined in one, in this case the # of the new ball will be equal...

  • KoLines: The Mixer




    This game is a mix of three original KoLines games: KoLines, Fifteen and Blockage. We added gravity and four more directions to move and believe those features made this game better and more fun! Every ball has a color and a number on it. Why? Because two balls of the same color can be combine in...

  • CStrike mobile




    This application is a result of experiment to port the mobile Java-games which does not support a touchscreen, on the Android platform. Finally, it looks good, especially on tablets. Try it out! =========================================================== CStrike mobile is the best variation of...

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