• 8.1

    I'm Pregnant / Pregnancy App




    The I'm Pregnant app gives you everything pregnancy related you need.

  • Baby Care




    Dear users: “Baby Care” is a convenient and useful tool for monitoring your baby’s development. We tried to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. This app has the following features: User-friendly data entry and import Timers Statistics, reports, graphs Useful information and childcare...

  • 7.2

    Woman Calendar/ Feminap




    Manage and keep track of your menstrual cycles

  • Kegel exercise




    If you want to prepare for the upcoming maternity leave, to avoid some gynecological problems or eliminate existing, recover faster after childbirth, you just need this program. In what is Kegel exercises, what they do, how to run them, you can easily get a handle on this program. Following the...

  • Woman Calendar / Feminap




    Woman Calendar / Feminap is a very simple and effective calendar application for women. This app will make it easier for you to track your menstrual cycles and always know what to expect. Features: •This Menstrual Calendar is easy-to-use. •Woman Calendar offers a very intuitive user...

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