KongZhong Corporation

  • Hook'em Fishing




    Test your fishing coordination skills in Hook’em Fishing, a new and innovative arcade style game! Cast your lines and get ready to bait and hook! See how many bucket-loads of fishes you can catch by quickly upgrading and changing your baits to hook the big fishes! The more fishes caught, the...

  • Ninja Chicken 2: Shoot'em up




    Stop thinking! Shoot the pigs! The pigs have returned and are now engaging in a full-on direct attack against the Ninja Chicken Clan! This time, the Ninja Chickens have to fend them off with their cannon. Two brave ninja chicks have volunteered to face the entire Pig Army. Can they hold their...

  • Pocket Dinosaurs




    Dinosaurs, land-locked for millions of years, want to escape Earth! However, there is an evil alien in space that seeks to thwart their plans by dropping Meteorite onto the dinosaur's space tower. Help the dinosaurs escape Earth! Tilt the device right and left or use touch control to...

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