• HiNote Hidden Notes




    HiNote is an easy-to-use note manager. You can create notes an decide for each note, whether it should be password-protected or not. Furthermore, you can export and import your notes! * create easy notes * hide some notes, read them with your password * full tablet support * search your notes *...

  • LED Flashlight




    Easy-to-use, bright Flashlight! This app uses the LED of your Smartphone! Highlight: You can switch off the display in order to save battery power and nevertheless, the LED of your Smartphone shines! Fast, easy, low memory requirements!

  • TabTube personal video player




    TabTube is a YouTube player with many useful features: * TabTube saves the videos you recently watched and the time they where paused. * TabTube has 3 Tabs, similar to the browser tabs. So you can search several Videos at the same time. * TabTube only uses the Landscape mode of your Smartphone...

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