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  • GnG




    GnG(Get and Go) is a mobile augmented reality (AR) application that uses the camera device on smartphones to detect special AR markers, called CyberCode. Users can easily experience AR, and access multimedia content such video and audio streams, a simple web site, or even elaborate 3D images....





    ”起こし絵”という新しい遊びです。 古くから親しまれているぬりえにスマートフォンで新しいインタラクションを加えました。 自分がぬった色がそのまま再現され、あたかも生を受けたように動き出す。...

  • 産地AR



  • ART GnG




    ART GnG is an art guide application that can be used to enhance your museum experience by viewing features and commentaries of exhibited work. Simply scan the AR markers placed near the work with your smartphone's camera to experience a new type of art guide. Contents will be rendered in...

  • Pochi Walk




    Pochi Walk provides a location based information service that bring users closer to their physical environments. Information about shops and venues nearby can be obtained seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor situations. Users can browse various types of contents based on location and also...

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