KoppTech LLC

  • Bridge Jumper




    Looking for something to keep your mind distracted while waiting for something? Just plain bored? Need that quick game fix? Then run and jump with Bridge Jumper, but be warned, this game is so addictive you may pass out from lack of sleep before you can stop playing! *Disclaimer: We take no...

  • Should I do it?




    Had a little too much to drink and wondering if juggling chainsaws is a good idea? Saw a guy on TV catch and eat an alligator and want go prove your manliness? Should you ask that girl out even though her ex is across the room? The answers to these questions and more reside within this app. Just...

  • Choose Wisely!




    Entertain and amuse your friends with this simple and yet genius app. With hilarious voice-overs for choosing or not choosing wisely, the app adds a dramatic element to your board or card game, and will undoubtedly improve your playing experience. Whether you’re bargaining in Monopoly, defending...

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