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Droidzee is a dice game similar to yahtzee that can be played with up to 4 players. Each turn lets you roll the 5 dice 3 times, allowing you to hold any of the dice after each roll. Try to get the highest score by using different combinations of the five dice. Rules are similar to yahtzee as well. Each category can only be played into once except…

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Shut The Box

Shut the Box, also known as Tric-Trac, Canoga, Klackers, Zoltan Box, Batten Down the Hatches, or High Rollers, is a dice game where the player tries to close all the boxes by rolling the dice, adding them up, and then closing the boxes that add up to that number. It's a very easy game to play with a friend or just pick up for a few games to kil…

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Shut the Box Original

A strategic dice game where the player tries to get the lowest score possible by closing each numbered box. To close a box, add up the total of the two dice and close any combination of boxes that equals the dice total. Features: Sound Save high scores Play with one dice or two Save State ** English Only

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Mission Defense

Mission Defense is a tower defense game that takes place in space. The objective is to defend your planets from the invading horde of enemy ships. Use strategy to place any of the 6 towers on the map to destroy your enemies. Defend your planets through the 30 level campaign and unlock the 5 bonus levels. Free play levels become available as you…

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